Outbound SMS Configuration Support Request

In order for an app to be enabled to send SMS messages, it has to be configured for this purpose. This can be requested from Mezzanine Support. Please include the following detail in your support request:

  1. The Helium server where the app is located.
  2. The unique identifier (UUID) of your app. If you are unsure how to obtain the app id for your app, please consult the documentation here.
  3. Desired SMS aggregator based on mobile number prefixes for example if a number starts with 260, InfoBip should be used for message delivery etc.

Keep in mind there is a financial cost to sending outbound SMS messages, so apps are configured on an "as needs be" basis. Also note that thorough testing should be done prior to configuring an application with outbound SMS sending capabilities. This is to ensure that there are no bugs leading to the sending of unwanted messages and thus unexpected financial costs.

Once the content of your request has been finalised it can be sent using the following channels:

  • For internal Mezzanine developers, create a JIRA ticket on the HE project. The ticket type should be "Support Request".
  • For external PaaS client developers, send an e-mail with your request to Mezzanine Support at support@mezzanineware.com.