Developer Access Support Request

In order to develop apps on Helium, the following needs to be requested:

  • Helium API credentials.
  • Developer privileges assigned to your Helium Core web app credentials.

This page assumes that you have already signed up to Helium on one of the available development servers. If this is not the case, please sign up using the instructions as mentioned here. If you are uncertain which server to use, please include this query in the support request.

Your request should contain the following:

  1. That you are requesting API credentials.
  2. That you are requesting developer privileges for the Helium Core Web application.
  3. The environment for which the credentials are being requested. This is the same environment to which you should already be signed up when following the steps highlighted here.
  4. A mobile number that will be used as your username for the requested API credentials.
  5. The mobile number with which you have signed up to the Helium Core Web app for the specific environment / server that you are planning to develop against.
  6. If access to the PostgreSQL database is needed, please add this to the ticket as well, in which case your Helium username will be used as your database username.

Once the content of your request has been finalised it can be sent using the following channels:

  • For internal Mezzanine developers, create a JIRA ticket on the HE project. The ticket type should be "Support Request".
  • For external PaaS client developers, send an e-mail with your request to Mezzanine Support at