Helium Translation Overrides

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The purpose of this article is to describe how the translation entries declared within the source code of a Helium application can be updated in real time to allow an overridden value to be visible to users on the web user interface.

Translation Entries

The labels for a Helium app are declared as key value pairs for a specific Locale. To contain views an app must have at least one translation file, usually the default is english and a file called "en.lang" is present, this contains the values for the english locale.

Override Translations Entries

The translation overrides can be managed from within the Helium core web app, and requires the signed user to be a member of the Developers group on the server. From the "Apps" menu item select "Update" on an application and then select "Translations" navigation button the top right corner.

From the manage translations screen one can manage the translation entries for all available locale's for the app. A greyed out and "disabled" value means that there is no override for the translation key and the default source value will be displayed, to override a value select the checkbox, enter a value and press save.

Bulk CSV exports and imports are also possible from this page by selecting the "CSV" mode.

Note that the translation overrides are applied on an App level and is separate from source code. This means that even after upgrading an app to a new release, the override will still be applied given that the specific lang file entry, as identified by the entry's key, still exists and is being used in the app.