App Privacy and Security Notices


Helium allows for app specific security and privacy notices to be linked to apps. In addition, Helium can also be used to require users to accept a privacy notice before accessing an app for the first time.


Privacy and Security Notice Content

Privacy and security notice content is kept separate from Helium and can be hosted anywhere on the web such as on a wiki page or a separate web page.


Linking an App to a Privacy and Security Notice

Helium apps can then be linked to these notices as follows:

  • From the Helium core app, access the Apps menu item. If you do not have access, access can be requested from DevOps. Alternatively a developer in your team with the necessary privileges should be able to assist.

  • From here, locate the app for which you would like to set the privacy and security notice and select the update option.

  • Specify the web link containing the notice content and save the changes.

The privacy and security notice will now be reachable from the following locations:

  • From the login screen when accessing an app directly using its FQDN:

  • From the link in the page footer when inside the app:


When users log into an app for the first time, they will automatically be required to accept the privacy notice as below:

If a user has already accepted a privacy notice, they will not automatically be required to reaccept if the privacy notice has been changed. To force a user or multiple users to reaccept the privacy notice for an app, a request must be made to the Helium team by means of the Jira support process.