App Config Support Request

In some cases it is desirable to alter certain configurable values for an app. One such configurable value specifies the maximum number of rows that can be queried using the native SQL select built in function as described here. This needs to be requested from Mezzanine Support.

Your request should include the following:

  1. That you wish to change the maximum number of records returned by the sql:query built-in function and your motivation for wanting to have the value changed.
  2. The new value that you want it to be set at.
  3. The unique identifier (UUID) of your app. If you are unsure how to obtain the app id for your app, please consult the documentation here.
  4. The Helium server where the app is located.

Once the content of your request has been finalised it can be sent using the following channels:

  • For internal Mezzanine developers, create a JIRA ticket on the HE project. The ticket type should be "Support Request".
  • For external PaaS client developers, send an e-mail with your request to Mezzanine Support at