DALRRD_an Overview

This voucher is designed to support small-scale, current farmers who are mainly farming to feed their own households. 

Key features:

In order to qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  • Farmers who are actively farming vegetables on more than half of their land
  • Farm size of less than 0.25Ha (smaller than one third of a soccer field or about 50m by 50m square plot of land)
  • Have 5 or more people living in the farmer’s household, of which 2 or more are children younger than 10 years old

What's New Updates

Please read through the documents listed below to ensure you are up to date with all changes (as explained in the documents) made to the Dalrrd Web Portal.

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South Africa
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Support Levels and Roles

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When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support lines Support Procedures and Levels


2nd Line Support Contact:

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When do the Third Line get involved

All unresolved issues will be escalated to the 2nd Line support to assist 1st Line Support Further

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Webportal FAQ's


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How do I log into the Web Portal

Helium Web Portal .pdf

How do I reset my password on the helium web portal?

How to reset a password on Helium.pdf
3.How to send a message to a user?

I do not find the farmer and get an error message "This farmer does not have access to this voucher code"

Please assist

Please make sure that the farmer's number is correct. It need to start with 27 instead of 0. If you want to redeem a voucher you need to start with 27 and not with 0.


In the case where the store does not have stock and the stock does not arrive before the 30 days is over does the voucher code expire completely? 

Yes thats correct - but you can buy products that are currently in stock and then spend the rest of the money later or even at another participating store. 

If you have not spend all your money, the system sent out a new voucher code with the amount that is left, which is then again valid for 30 days. 

6.Request for price list of supplier?
7.Request to check what products was redeemed on my voucher? 
8.We have received login details, with no products to be selected when redeeming. It seems like our products were not added on the system. And we have registered under feed not fertilizer. 

Getting service points and users who can redeem vouchers and the stock items per service point and its prices uploaded into the system is a 2 step process:

1. Onboard the service points, users and bank account details is step 1. Then these users are invited to the system and receive SMS's for the invite details and password and also a link to the training material. 

2. Only then, when the new service points are uploaded - can we start adding the stock prices per service point, because the prices could be different per supplier. This is also quite a process in excel to take the DALRRD Supplier list prices and transform it into the format that is uploaded into Connected Farmer.

If step 2 is not completed, the user will not see any products to redeem.

9.How to resend a voucher sms to a farmer? 

Please note that we have optimised the SMS Logs, so when you resend a sms please do the following:

1. Click on Select next to SMS Logs.

2. When on the next screen, you enter the mobile number starting with (27) in the empty box:

3. Once you click on search, you will see the SMS's in the table.

Then select the SMS you want to send and click on resend:

Note that if you enter a mobile number and it does not show SMS's, then the farmer is giving you the incorrect number, if you see the SMS's then you know that it is the correct number.

10.How to filter the payment recommended reportHow to Filter the Payment Recommended Report (1).pdf
11.The ability to edit prices during redemptionDALRRD_Supplier training_Liaison Phase_Edit Price.pdf