SCT - Social Cash Transfer

SCT– An Overview

Social Cash Transfer – Zambia is a mobile application solution, created to help the Minister of Community to determine if a household qualify for a social grant. This project consists of a mobile application which the user (Enumerator) in the field uses to capture information of a household to see if they qualify for a social grant. The SCT Management has access to the web portal where they can view and download the data for each household information that was captured. The different management roles have different levels of access to the data. This then also works together with the Helium web portal where we can send a bar code link which the user can use to enroll the application.

Project Information

General Information


Solution Name

 SCT – Social Cash Transfer

Deployment Country

Deployment PartnerAfriConnect
Training MaterialSCT Registration - Training Manual (12 May 2017) .pdf
Enumerator Barcodes

Technical Information

Technical Information






MTN -  Name: afz

Airtel - Name: afcz

Device UsedSamsung Galaxy G313H Trend Neo

Support Levels and Roles

First Line Support

1st Line Support Contact Details

Department of Social Welfare


Other Contact Persons:

SCT Support Contact

Mavenlink Task

When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support lines Support Procedures and Levels


2nd Line Support Contact:

Contact Information

2nd Line Support Contact Details

AfriConnect (Device and Sim related Issues)

Third Line Support Contact:

Contact Details
3rd Line Support Contact Details


WebPortal FAQ's

QuestionDescription/ Answer

Failed to login and the page is just loading. Not entirely sure whether this is a system issue or a connectivity issue.

  • A page that just shows the "Loading..." message means the web app doesn't have connectivity at that specific moment. The first "Dashboard" view of the web app doesn't load any data, so it should load almost immediately.

Having problems to invite DSWO and the DSWO does not receive any invitation SMS.

  • Make sure that the DSWO have been invited with the correct mobile number and that the mobile number starts with the country code “260”.

  • A DSWO can also only be invited with one specific mobile number. If you are certain that the DSWO was invited with the correct mobile number and the DSWO still didn’t receive the invitation SMS – use the “Can’t access your account?” feature to resend the OTP.

What can I do with my Data Manager Web access?


What can I do when I have forgotten my password?

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on "Can't access your account?"
  • Step 3: Type your mobile number starting with "260"
  • Step 4: Click on "Reset password"
  • Step 5: Receive an sms on your phone
  • Step 6: Go back to  the desktop fill in your mobile number and the new password you have received via sms
  • Step 7: Click on "Sign in"

How to transfer households between enumerator profiles in their region.

This document explains how a DSWO can transfer households between enumerators.

SCT - Transfer households feature.pdf

6.How can I resolve a barcode mix up? I have a district (e.g. Lusaka) that collected some phones from another district (e.g. Luangwa) to beef up their enumerator pool. However instead of leaving app and enrolling a new user they changed profile details. I would like to now how can we get the users profile back without messing up the other districts (e.g. Lusaka) profile.

The first thing you need to understand about editing the "Profile" of a mobile user.

When it is edited it will look like ALL the households that were captured by the original Enumerator has now been captured by the new profile details of the Enumerator. 
The only way to fix it is to change the new details back to the original details.

We don't keep an audit trail of the changes, so we can't help you with recovering it. 

It is also not possible to keep the original name "saved" on the household and only start saving the new details on all new households.

We suggest you instruct them to:

* Change the names back to what they were. 
* Re-enrol with their real profiles. 
* Transfer the households they already captured on the other profile to their profile.

Mobile Application FAQ"s


If a household for which the enumerator completed “Initial Registration” would appear in the incomplete registration tab.

DSWO was still conducting the necessary approvals for enumerators to be able to proceed with enumeration.

HH’s that haven’t been approved should not be in the “Incomplete Registration” section or should?

The business rule for households that appear in the "Incomplete Households" menu item:

  • The app will only list households as incomplete if the user at least completed the Household Details section during the Initial Household Registration process.
    If the user exits the Initial Household Registration process without completing the Household Details section - then the app will discard the registration.

  • If the user exits the Initial Household Registration process without completing all the other sections (Household Members,
    Head of Household and Complete Registration) the household will be listed as incomplete.

  • Only households where all the sections during the Initial Household Registration are completed and the user selects "Complete Registration" will be uploaded for
    DSWOs to view and validate. The DSWO can't send a household back to an "Incomplete Household" state. They can only send a household back for correction.
    The DSWO doesn't have anything to do with Incomplete Households - this was only implemented for the cases where a Enumerator accidentally exits the Initial Household Registration process.

What to do if you have problems to synchronize data?

Enumerators will visit signal areas once a week to upload data.
3.My App is too slow

Please check the following:

(1) is on the latest app version and 
(2) has synchronized and exit and open app again
(3) investigate the number of records they have on the device.

 If you still experience the slow app after rectifying the above the send these to the Support Line

(4) The User who experience this (name and surname)

4."Access denied due to security reasons"

The error is related to the phone date & time.

The date & time, in SCT's case, is most probably wrong because the sim card could not read the "Network time".

It can be that the sim card, probably MTN, has not been activated. (A network issue that has been reported by several users).

This is an issue for our partner in Zambia = Africonnect.

5.I cannot view the Schooling QuestionsDuring household Enumeration, you must open each household member to do "Member Enumeration" in order to view the schooling questions. Missing this step will result in user not viewing the questions.
6.How to check my LocalDB size of my application?

The following link provide the steps on how to check your LocalDB.

Daignostics (localDB) steps.pdf