School Management

Client Information:

School Management Solution – An Overview


Mezzanine’s comprehensive and easy to use web based School Management solution which captures the daily data requirements that the education department needs for visibility at all their schools. The School Management Solution enables school principals to daily report in real time routine and exceptional activities back to the department of education. Departmental decision makers are notified of incidents as they happen and can provide feedback to the school immediately. Reports are timeously available to school stakeholders on different levels. Statistical analysis and trend reporting of aggregated data over time offers a sound base for operational and strategic planning.

Key Features

School Principal – The mobile application features include:
  • Reporting on learner enrolment and attendance.
  • Reporting teacher enrolment and attendance.
  • Incident reporting.
  • School infrastructure and learning resource readiness: furniture and learning materials required.
  • Learner registration.
  • Teacher vacancies.
  • School governing board details.
  • Support and ad hoc survey messages.
  • Ability to view feedback on reported incidents.
  • Built-in features validate the submitted data to prevent input errors.
  • Automatically receiving a confirmation e-mail detailing the data that was submitted.

Project Information

General Information



School Management

Deployment Country

South Africa

Training Manual

School Management_Principal Reporting Guide.pptx

Application Training Manual 

Technical Information

Technical Information


Journey Application


App details


Devices UsedAndroid/ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Support Lines and procedures

Support Channels
Description/ Procedures
More Details on Items handled by Each Support Level

Support Procedures and Levels

1st Line Support

The Department Of Education (GDE & ECDOE)

EMIS - Education management information System (Kaduna)

The client handles all first line support queries and escalate those they could not resolve

Items handledMobile Application and Web Portal Issues
2nd Line Support

Our Channel Partner (Vodacom)

Vodacom Procedures: Channel Partner Support Items.pptx

DoE Vodacom Support Procedure: Vodacom School Management Support for Department of Education.pdf

Items HandledFaulty Device and simcard Related Issues
3rd Line Support

Mezzanine Support desk

Items HandledAll unsolved Issues from 1st and 2nd Line

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Portal FAQ's

QuestionDescription/ Answer
1.How do I sign into the Web portal?Open this document explaining  Web Portal login.pdf
2.How do I reset my password?

Open this document explaining How to reset a password on Helium.pdf

3.How to reset and re-enroll a school How to reset and re-enroll school applications.ppt
4.How do I register a New Principal?Open this document explaining How to create a principal.pdf
5.How do I Re-enroll and send New Enrollment SMS to users?

Please download the document below that illustrate how to handle this query:

How to send an APK and Enrollment SMS to schools.pdf


How to create a school

Existing schools can be edited on the Schoolmanagement Application which will create a New Principal.

When a school does not yet exist on the system the following information is needed:

School Name:

School EMIS:

School Type:

Landline Number:

Street Address:

Cluster Name:

Step 1: Login with your personal details

Step 2: Click on school management

Step 3: Click on view next to “Total Active Schools”

Step 4: Click on “create new school” at the bottom of the Total Schools screen

Step 5: Fill in the form after completed the form tap on “Save”

7.How do I add a ward?This document explains How to add a ward.pdf
8.How do I add a cluster? This document explains How to add a cluster.pdf
9.How to change a school from one Local Government Area (LGA) to another Local Government Area on the web portal?

Follow the steps below to change your schools LGA:

  1. Go to Registered schools
  2. Click on 'View' next to Total Active Schools
  3. Search the school where you want to change the LGA
  4. Click on 'View' next to the schools name
  5. At the top of the screen click on 'Edit School'
  6. Click on the drop down list next to cluster name and select the correct cluster.
10.I cannot find any schools in any of the Local Government Area when I search them.

This can happen when the schools have extra spaces somewhere in between the words which causes the search to not

recognise the whole search term.

Alternative ways to search schools:

  • Search the schools by their pseudo code or
  • Use the filter option "School name contains MARKU.

11.How to send messages to schools? 

Mobile Application FAQ's

QuestionDescription/ Answer
1.How do I install the mobile application?This document explains How to install the mobile application.pdf

How do I create Classrooms?

Open this document explaining How to create classrooms.pdf

How do I delete incorrect Classrooms?

Open this document explaining How to delete a classroom.pdf

How do I log an incident and what happens next?

This document will guide you on how to log an Incident: School Management_Incident Reporting.pdf 
5.I am receiving the message "Cannot read property of null" when I open my School Reporting application.

This can be corrected by checking if your APN settings is set up correctly on your tablet.

Follow the link below on "How do I setup my APN"

6.How do I setup my APN?

Please follow the Instructions in the document below. You should obtain your correct APN name from the Department of Education

APN Setup Guide.pdf

7.How do I correct my principal details on my application?How to change your principal details.pptx
8.How do I correct my schools details on my application?How to change your schools details.pptx
9.How do I synchronise my device?

How do I synchronise my device.pdf

10.How do I enroll my application?