Digifarm is a Safaricom service that offers farmers convenient, one-stop access to register, buy farm inputs, access learning content on farming and access their farm records.

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DigiFarm Training Material Version 1.0.pdf

Technical Information 

Technical Information


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Support Contact Details:

First Line/ Partner Roles Explained

PartnerWho may Contact themWhat they do
ArifuAny Registered Farmers

Whenever a farmer needs assistance on how to farm they can contact this partner. They also assist with learning material and learning content on Farming Produce

Eg Question: The farmer is struggling to access the learning content etc. (This is on Arifu's platform or by dialing *283#)

SafaricomFarmers and Mezzanine

Safaricom are the official First line support team handling queries like

  • Any queries where farmers ask about a voucher they received via sms and wants more information

    Eg. Question: Farmer says I cant access USD or Digifarm etc.
  • How can I register as farmer or as an Individual

Support Email for queries like for the above example: CRM2ndLineSupport2@safaricom.co.ke

iProcureFarmers and Mezzanine

Anything to do with redemption, when someone use the word Redeem it normally goes to iProcure
Eg 1. If someone complaints about duplicate redemption

Eg 2. If someone were able to redeem eg 100000sh loan but were suppose to have a loan amount of only 5000sh this should be passed on to Patrick since he might have posted too many redemption for that particular Farmer

FarmdriveFarmers and Mezzanine

Anything to do with loans and they only have access to farmers that already applied (or tried to apply) for a loan.

A person who have queries about their loans and voucher

  • Loan illegibility
  • Voucher expiry queries

Eg. I want to inquire about Digifarm I got a text that I have 1000sh loan how can I withdraw and where can I do so

MezzaninewareFirst Line Support or Partners

When logging A JIRA Bug

Farmer name and Number

Description of error with exactly what they tried to access Eg. Accessing a loan or have problems during registration on the USD code

  • If iProcure comes to mezzanine and says they receive complaints about redemption. They know what to do on their part to resolve their redemption issues which means when they contact us, we will know it is time create a JIRA ticket for Robusta team.
  • Unable to post to API
  • Voucher does not exist

First Line Support
Contact Details

1st Line Support Contact Details


Mavenlink Taskhttps://mezzanine.mavenlink.com/workspaces/17345065

When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support lines Support Procedures and Levels


Second Line Support_ Organisation
Contact Details
Client Information


EA Support_ Mezzanineware


Lead: Stephen Kinuthia, Email: skinuthia@mezzanineware.com

(Support) Victor Livoi, Email: vlivoi@mezzanineware.com 

(Support) Kenneth Kenei, Email:kkenei@mezzanineware.com

(Support) Ryan Mudibo, Email:rmudibo@mezzanineware.com 

Issues Handled by Second Line SupportAll faulty device and Sim related issues (Also explained on  Support Procedures and Levels)

Third Line Support Contact:

Third Line Support Information
When do the Third Line get involvedAll unresolved issues will be escalated to the 3rd Line support to assist 1st and 2nd Line Support Further
3rd Line Support Contact Details

Mezzanine Support Desk

Tel: +2721 880 2222

Email: easupport@mezzanineware.com

Frequently Asked Questions




What is the DF Solution?

DF is a Safaricom service that offers farmers convenient, one-stop access to

register, buy farm inputs, access learning content on farming and access their farm records.


How do I access the DF service?

By dialling *944# and then select the option you want to access.


Do I need to pay to access *944#?

No, the service is free.


What are the features of DF Solution?

I. Register

  • Enables Farmers to self-register by Dialling *944#, Select the option for registering and follow
    through the instructions. Once done, the farmer will get an SMS confirming the registration.

II. Purchase Discount

  • Registered Farmers will access to discounted farm inputs from iProcure depots. I procure is a
    Safaricom business partner. I procure depots are located at Engineer, Njambini, Bomet, Kapsabet
    and Ol-kalou.

III. Learn

  • Registered farmers will access information to educate them on farming best practices.

IV. Safaricom service

  • Farmers will conveniently have access to M-Pesa, Lipa na M-Pesa, M-Shwari and airtime purchase.
  • Loan application - Allows users to apply for loans
  • Loan limit check - Users can check how much they qualify for before applying for a loan
  • Loan balance - Check the balance of your existing loan
  • Loan repayment - This option shows users how much to repay and how to repay their loan
  • Loan redemption - Allows users to buy inputs using their loan vouchers

V. Swahili

  • The farmer can opt to choose Kiswahili language


How do I access the discounted farm inputs?

Dail *944# then select buy inputs. Select get discount code, which will be sent to you as an e-voucher

through an SMS. Once you have obtained the e-voucher you will present it at the closest IProcure depot

to access inputs at discounted prices.


What types of inputs are available at the depot?

  • Mineral supplements (livestock & dairy)
  • Feeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Agro-chemicals
  • Seeds
  • Veterinary products


How do I pay for the inputs?

Payment will be made through Lipa na M-Pesa.


How do I access Learning content?

Dail *944# and select learn. Learning content and messages are free.


What can I learn about?

I. Crop trainings: Maize, Patato, Tomato and Cabbage.

a.Learn how to increase you yield with best practices.

b. Learn about safe and proper use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

II. Dairy farming - Learn how to reduce costs and increase milk production by using best practices in:

a. Health management

b. Breeding

c. Feeding and Feed production

d. Milk handling''

e. Housing

f. Record keeping


What do I do if the service is not working?

Call the Safaricom customer service number 100. Calling 100 is free
11. How to re-enroll a User Please open the document for details: How to re-enroll a user.pdf

 What to do when I am experiencing the following issue:

The polling service kept sending in multiple requests for each USSD session that a learner goes through.

This happens when a learner selects a learn option on the USSD, they are receiving multiple requests for the single selection.

On the USSD menu, sometimes, registered users get un-registered and are required to register again before they can access the learn menu. 

This is a TIBCO matter.

The issue needs to be dealt with the Arifu platform, it is a bug and needs to be fixed on their platform.


What to do when an amount was over paid by a client?

  • Philemon of 0710468718 had borrowed a loan,repaid with an overpayment of kshs. 201(20/1/18) as attached below but has never been reimbursed the same. 
    His second redeemed loan was 1160 and was to pay 1238 but delayed and his new payment is now 1279.
    Today,he has repaid 1080 as shown below hoping the previous overpayment will cater for the remaining balance.Kindly follow up

Send the request and Issue to Farmdrive, you may CC Safaricom support in the request.

Safaricom will cc Mezzanine Support in the email but it is something they need to reverse/resolved on their side.

14.Farmer borrowed a loan and has cleared the same but is not getting the option to borrow loan again.

Mezzanine check on Digifarm Helium

  1. Farmers
  2. Search with number
  3. Click on Profile
  4. Click on Loan Vouchers
  5. Check status Column, ISSUED & REDEEMED status means the farmer will not be able to apply for another loan
  6. IF status is REPAID/ EXPIRED then the farmer may apply again. Should the Farmer have the this status and are eligible to apply again, this issue should be escalated to Farmdrive.


Loan Repayment Issues:

  • Farmer borrowed a loan of kshs.1200,has repaid the same but is still getting messages that she hasn't repaid the same. 
  • A customer by name Harriet Mukuba, phone number 0720398058 had a loan of ksh 2010 - code 4RMTGZSX. After redeeming, she was asked to pay a total of ksh 2110 to clear her debt. She has since paid but she's being asked to add ksh 1 to clear her debt
  • Customer 0700087014 repaid his loan but has received a message that his loan is now overdue and has been penalised (Have forwarded the message to customer care). 
    Amos(0719463602) too has not gotten a refund up to date.kindly follow up on the same
  • Customer Ernest Arusei of 0727556887 borrowed a loan and repaid the same but used the wrong reference (his Id number instead of Mobile number) , kindly assist to clear the debt to his name.

Again check the status of the loan as per above steps and send this information with the request to Farmdrive

  • The fourth Example where the client used the wrong reference number when they repaid the loan also goes to Farmdrive as Mezzanine are not involved n these transactions.


Voucher Code does not Exist Issues:

Issue 1:

  • When you try to redeem the loans the response is "the voucher code does not exist", please assist.

Issue 2:

  • Below codes upon verification becomes 'validation error'
    1. WAJR2D3T,Brenda cherono,0708537092 worth 1200 expiry 23/4/2018
    2. E8PDV3NS,Rono peter,0708271066 worth 1200 expiry 23/4/2018
    3. QN9S6FDY,Nicholas kimtai Martin,0715511264
    4. 7XNP6Q84,Eric kiprotich,0790035001 worth 1200 expiry 23/4/2018

See JIRA reference to the second example here: https://jira.mezzanineware.com/browse/DF-933

Answer 1:

If you have the voucher code, Go to Digifarm (https://digifarm.mezzanineware.com/web-client/index#) as Initiator/ Web-user

  1. More, Vouchers Logs
  2. Copy and paste the voucher code (from client's email)
  3. This will show if the voucher exist and you can also get the Farmer's mobile number to do the second check

If the Voucher exists and has Accepted as status (Accepted means they now have a loan): Client must be able to redeem and if their error still persist, Patrick from iProcure can check if the voucher is loaded on their database.

If the Voucher does not exist: Log JIRA ticket for Robusta team. With checks you've done and Voucher and Farmer details.

Farmer mobile number check (as Initiator):

  1. Click on More
  2. Farmers
  3. Paste Mobile number and search
  4. Profile
  5. Loan Vouchers

Check Voucher status:

If Expired: It cannot be redeemed
If Accepted: It does not yet been redeemed. Get the Exact error message from client. With that information and exact Issue, Log a Robusta JIRA Ticket.

Answer 2:

In this scenario the above steps still do apply but, when the DSL teams investigate why the voucher is on Helium but on the app it show the Validation error "That voucher code doesn't exist in the system", they found that iProcure did not pull all the voucher codes completely from our system therefor they only loaded half of our database unto theirs, causing the codes to exist on our side but give Validation errors on their side.


Farmer cannot access Loan:

The following customers are not able to access Digifarm loan since their phone doesn't have option of borrow loan:

  • Real Chemutai 0712180330
  • Michael Cheruiyot -0728945400

Farmdrive Issue but we should do a few checks on Digifarm Helium

  1. Go to Farmers
  2. Search with mobile
  3. Profile
  4. Loan Voucher logs
  5. Check the Voucher status

If the Voucher exists: Client must be able to redeem

If the Voucher does not exist: It explains why the Farmer could not access the loan. Send all this information to Farmdrive now.


Loan messages are taking long and Customers still receive loans message that has been cleared:

  • The loan approval messages are taking long thus it becomes very disappointing to those who travel from long distances to the depot hoping to get products. 
  • The customers who have received the loans and have cleared are still receiving messages to clear the same. 

This issue needs to be send to Farmdrive to assist with.

19.A customer applied and paid a loan, she had redeemed, was late and was penalised ksh 100. She is now requesting for 5000 but is given a loan limit of 1200. Can she be given 5000 since she wants to get fertilizer?

Farmdrive don't allocate loan limits manually, they are allocated by a computerised system that looks at repayment pattern among other things. Farmers who fall into areas may or may not get increments depending on how long they were in areas.

Loan limits for good client don't increase massively from 1200 to 5000.