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Please read through the documents listed below to ensure you are up to date with all changes (as explained in the documents) made to the eLabs Mobile Application and Web Portal.

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AitaHealth - An Overview

AitaHealth, an intelligent smart phone based application that empowers Community Health Workers ( CHW’s) to deliver preventative care services to communities on a home base level. AitaHealth support both administrative and clinical decision-making on a real-time basis.

Less paperwork means faster access to valuable data for decision makers. The application guides the CHW through the questionnaire – eliminating mistakes and ensuring data quality. The CHWs also find the application easier to use and the time spent during an interview is significantly less than with the paper-based system, giving the CHWs more time to care for the community.

Key Features

  • Each phone is associated with a specific CHW.  In this way all data captured is linked to the CHW, their Ward and the Health Facility they report to.
  • Built-in on the spot data validation checks automatically if the CHW is entering data in the correct format. This ensures record and database integrity.
  • Consent for registration and research purposes is captured with an electronic signature.
  • The onboard GPS captures the location of the household registered.
  • The integral skip logic features ensure that CHW’s only capture relevant information based on the demographics of the household.
  • The built-in interactive decision support feature empowers CHWs to identify health risks in real time.
  • A full task management feature allows CHWs to schedule follow-up visits and track their daily tasks.
  • Less paperwork means faster access to valuable data for decision makers. The application guides the CHW through the questionnaire – eliminating mistakes and ensuring data quality. The CHWs also find the application easier to use and the time spent during an interview is significantly less than with the paper-based system, giving the CHWs more time to care for the community.

Project Information

Support Level Contact Information

Second Line Support: Vodacom

Third Line support:  Mezzanineware

Technical Information

Technical Information


Journey Application

Zero rated URL

APK Link
Short-Link APK

App details

Zero Rated

Devices Used
  • City of Tshwane_Samsung J1 Ace, Trend Neo and Trend Plus
  • District of Tshwane _Vodafone Tab 2 3G
  • Westrand 1st Cohort_Samsung J1 Ace Neo
  • Edibeng_ Vodafone Tab 2 3G's
  • Jburg Metro_ Vodafone Tab 2 3G's
  • Ekurhuleni_Vodafone Tab 2 3G's

Web portal FAQ's


Descriptional Link /Answer

How do I work with the Web Portal?

You can download the presentation for web portal tips document AitaHealth Web Portal Tricks.pptx

The web portal tips include:

  • How to sort, filter & search a table.
  • How to download a table.
  • How to navigate between views.
  • What to do when you have forgotten your password.

What is my Support User role on the web portal for?

You can download the presentation for the AitaHealth support user here AitaHealth_How to use your Support User Role.pdf

The presentation contains the following:

  • How to get access as a Support user.
  • What the latest APK version and application build version is.
  • How to see what versions the mobile users in the field
    have on their devices.
  • How to see a user's registration and device
    related details.

How to invite CHW's to the system?

Aitahealth_How to invite a CHW.pdf


How do I reset my password?

The document explains how to reset a password on helium.

How to recover your helium password.pptx

5I do not receive my Password via sms when using the reset optionLog this with the Mezzanine Support desk as they will be able to reset and view your password directly on the system.

Can my profile be link with the correct households

under my name?

I have two profiles registered under my name, the one is

my new profile and the other one is my old profile which has been deactivated. I want my households on my old profile

to be link with my new profile. 

Yes, this can be done by the Regional Health Team Manager who is authorized to move and manage CHWs and their households. 

7My CHW's appears as duplicates on my work force report.

Log a Support ticket with Mezzanine support but also follow the work around as posted below:

A similar report can be generated by accessing the

    • "Registered households" view. This report will show them all the stats for CHWs in terms of Registered households, Triage & Household Assessments. This table can also be downloaded.
8AitaHealth Web Portal - Who has access to what levels?

Different Web Portal users have different levels of AitaHealth Web Portal access.

This presentation explains the different access levels.

AitaHealth - who has access to what_.pdf

9How to see you archived notes?How to see your achived notes.pdf
10How to view a users barcode on the web portal?How to view a users barcode.pdf
11How to generate an enrollment code?

How to generate an enrolment code.pdf

12How do I assign CHW's to the correct teams?AitaHealth - How to change your team.pdf

When I want to move a CHW to another team, I am receiving a message "You cannot move team users that have households link to it."

How can this be resolved?

A CHW register households in a team that are linked to a specific ward.

If you want to move the CHW with households, then you will move all the households to another ward as well.

You need to create a new CHW in the other team, and the old CHW profile needs to be rename in the old team, incase someone else is going to take over the old CHW's households.

14How to find a password of a CHW?

The document explains how to find a password of a CHW:

How to find a CHW's password..pdf


I am having a problem with my profile, my team is mix- up with another team.

e.g. Team Zonke (Ekurhuleni District) is mixed with the Tshwane team.


This is not a bug.

This happens when a web user linked a team to the incorrect ward.

It can be rectified by following the steps on the pdf file below:

How to remove a ward from a team.pdf


I am having a problem with the team activity report as it takes long to load data, if I am using the custom date option.

The request times out after 5 minutes and then the error message pops-up "Problem encountered".

The dataset that you are requesting is too large and the system does not accomodate for such large data processing.

The custom date option is designed to trigger a report for a maximum of 30 days and not for a full year.

The information is however available for a year, but the suggestion is to download the csv files month to month and then combine the reports.


I have noted that the triage Assessments are greater than the registered households and households assessments are also greater than registered assessments on the team activity report.

  • All district and all teams
  • Dates 2018-01-01 to 2018-09-03
  • e.g. See Central Team 2 A

A registration, triage assessment and household assessment is not necessarily completed on the same day.

They can happen on different days, which means that users can register a household outside of the selected date range and then complete the triage or household assessments inside the date range.

This would cause a discrepancy in these numbers. They do not correlate to each other but are separate.

18How to add a health facility?How to add a health facility .pdf
19How to check when last a CHW was connected? 
20How to edit user's details? 

Can you please help we are looking for triage and household assessment information of all individuals. The individuals were all registered by CHW's under City of Tshwane service provider in the following teams Dashpoort, Woodline, Zama Zama and Melusi.

I am not sure when they were registered the dates I have was when the consultation notes were done for the individuals. 

Follow the following steps below on how to get the triage and household assessment information:

1. Under Team Activity, filter sub-district and team. View "Last 30 days" (just to load the initial data). "View team"

2. Find the relevant mobile user, and if you know the household name or head of household that the individuals on the list belong to, select "view households". Change the date range to be a few years, or go back in segments. You can search for households and find the HH assessment date and triage date. 

If the household name is unknown, instead of step 2, choose "view individuals" next to the relevant mobile user and get the household names first then go to step 2 to get the HH assessment and triage dates.

Mobile Application FAQ's

QuestionDescriptional Link/ Answer


How do I install and enroll my application?

Download the document below for further details:

AitaHealth installation steps .pdf

The presentation contains the steps on:

  • How to download & Enroll AitaHealth App
  • How to generate your enrollment code
3How do I get started on using the Mobile App?

This is a handy PDF document that can be printed and handed out to CHWs during training.

AitaHealth (My Guide).pptx

The guide includes tips on how to use certain features in the AitaHealth app.


How to handle a Smartphone?

You follow the link to your left to access instructions on how to clear some Mobile Device Related Support

The presentation contains the:

  • Basic instructions on how to use a touch screen device

How do I delete a Household?

Click on the link below on how to delete a household:

How do I sync my application?

  1. Ask the user to sync, by pressing the small circle on the top right hand corner of the screen just under the time stamp, a message will no display at the bottom.

  2. When the data is disabled “Failed to upload data” message will appear.

  3. When sync failed press the App information triangle located at the top of the screen.

  4. When 1.Network got a red cross, it means that the data is disabled.

  5. Now click on network, then network settings.

  6. Check if “mobile use packet data is on with a green mark or greyed out.

  7. When greyed out tick in the tick box.

  8. When green, tick twice in the tick box

  9. Once done and the green mark is present, press the back button, button located at the bottom of the phone, situated next to the huge center button in the middle of the phone.

  10. Now check if the red cross is still present, or if there's a green mark.

  11. When still red, ask user to sync again by pressing the circle.

  12. Once synchronized the mark should be green.


What does access revoked mean?

This is when you have two profiles registered under your name on the system and the one is active and the one has been deactivated. You need to be enrolled to the correct one in order for the message to disappear. 

This can be fixed by contacting the Mezzanine support desk on

8How to use my AitaHealth application?

Here is a link to the AitaHealth mobile training manual:

AitaHealth UserGuide 20 June 2017 (2).pdf

9New APK tips for Samsung Trend and Samsung J1 Ace Neo users. What's new?

What's new? We have made updates to the APK’s (app containers) the CHW’s should use in the field.

Samsung Trend users - APK 3.30.4

Samsung J1 Ace Neo users - APK 4.13

Users who experience the "Loading" list problem when they tried to view a table (like viewing "imcomplete Households Members"

or "Search households" & List Households") must update their container version to 3.30.4 if they want to use the AitaHealth

application without experiencing any of those problems.

By clicking on the update now option it will download the latest APK (free of charge if they are using a Vodacom sim card).

Click on the APK link below free of charge when using a Vodacom simcard:

Users can also click on "I need help" to see the attached screen by screen installation steps. The only tricky part is to select

"Unknown Sources" to enable the free download.

The devices who still have the APK 4.9 installed, need to update their APK as it won't work for the users. They need to update

their APK to version 4.13.

Click on the link below to access the free download on a Vodacom sim card:

Tips for tracking app updates

As a support user on the AitaHealth web portal, you can see the APK version the CHW is using.

See the screenshot below and notice the last column “Container version”

Note: Remember that you can sort, search & filter the table to find the users who haven’t updated their APK’s yet. 

Very important:

  • The samsung Trend users cannot use the 4.13 APK
  • The samsung J1 Ace Neo users cannot use the 3.30.4 APK
  • When you the Support user, click on "SMS APK" next to the CHW's name it will SMS the 4.13 APK. This is to make it easier for you to handle the APK updates for the Samsung J1 Ace Neo users before their training. This is in case they didn't receive the initial SMS already send to them.
    This is sometimes the case due to network connectivity when the initial SMS was triggered.
  • Please make sure that the cell number of the device you are sending the SMS to is correct. As a Support user can easily edit the details of the CHW's by going to "User details".
  • Also be aware that there was a deployment of the application content on the 21st of September 2016 (to fix a few bugs in the General Health module) so that the "Build version" users should use "1.4.b64". They will, as always update to the latest version.

Task Management on the Mobile

What is AitaHealth Task Management rules?

AitaHealth Task Management rules

  • A Household Member can only have one task linked to them at any stage. If a CHW wants to schedule a new task for a HH Member they will first have to complete the existing task before they can schedule a new task.

  • A task scheduled for (day x) should be completed before or on (day x). The moment a scheduled task reaches (day x + 1) then that task will be moved to “Missed Tasks”. Missed Tasks will replace the existing “Overdue Tasks”.

  • Missed Tasks can’t be rescheduled. It will be expected of CHWs to schedule a New Task for a Missed Task. Whenever a “Missed Task” is rescheduled it will be removed from the mobile “Missed Task” list.

  •  Deleting Tasks. All Tasks can be Deleted. A reason for deleting a task must be given. After deleting a task the specific task will be removed from the task list. To end Missed Tasks can also be deleted to remove it from the “Missed Tasks” list on the mobile.

  • Missed Tasks can therefore have three statuses: Missed Task, Missed Task where a New Task was Scheduled, Missed Task that have been Deleted (removed from the Missed Task list). The Team Leader will be able to report on this – All Missed Tasks showing whether the tasks have been deleted or a new task for the missed task has been scheduled.

  • In the IHA – when a CHW opens a Member’s Details, they must be prompted to complete or delete an upcoming task before starting any of the IHA modules. This is required, because they will have the opportunity to schedule a new task after the IHA.

  • An “Upcoming Task” or “Task Today” can be rescheduled. We should keep record of the tasks that have been rescheduled: When (date and time of every reschedule, who rescheduled it), and number of reschedules per task ID.

  • Capture a unique Task ID for every task.

For team leaders who wants to view and report on Tasks, go to:

AitaHealth Web Portal Tricks (2).pptx


I am a new user registered on the web portal, but am unable to login to the web portal with my phone/tablet.

When I login with my credentials received via sms - it gives me a message "You have run out of balance or redirect to a helium screen."

URL used:

As a new user you need to have at least a little bit of data on your device to sign up. The app is only zero-rated once you have been sign-up.

This is because the site where your password is created, is not zero-rated.


It is imperative for us to be able to make notes during campaigns, at the moment we are unable to do so, we get the message as reflected on the image below. Kindly look into this.

This message pops-up because there are no consultation notes created for the registration activity.

You need to create notes related to the registration activity for the message to disappear.


I am receiving a message 'setup error' when I want to use the AitaHealth application and the user name is also not appearing. Please assist. See screenshot  below. 

The reason why the user is seeing this message and not seeing his/her user name appearing is because the user is not logged in with his/her six digit enrollment code and are logged in with the number 1234.

Please click on the link below on how to generate an enrollment code: 

How to generate an enrolment code.pdf

14.How do I enroll my application? 

After completing the Triage assessment when you go back to the Triage assessment it requires to start the registration from the beginning. The app does not recognise previously captured data but on the web it will be available. See screenshot attached. 

This is not an issue the is the expected behaviour. If a user have done it once the data is saved on the web and they don't need to do it again.

But if the households info changes eg. new people pregnant, sick etc, they can redo the Triage

16.We have added consultation notes E.g. 10 & 11 via the web portal, but they are both not appearing on the mobile application. What could be the cause?

This happen around the incorrect numbering of questions. When you E.g. jumped Q9, therefore all questions that came after that weren't show.