CF_Solidarity Fund

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Solidarity Fund_an Overview

This voucher is designed to support small-scale, current farmers who are mainly farming to feed their own households. 

Key features:

In order to qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  • Farmers who are actively farming vegetables on more than half of their land
  • Farm size of less than 0.25Ha (smaller than one third of a soccer field or about 50m by 50m square plot of land)
  • Have 5 or more people living in the farmer’s household, of which 2 or more are children younger than 10 years old

Project Information

General Information




Deployment Country

South Africa
Training Material

How to install:

How to use app:

Important Files

Technical Information

Technical Information





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Support Levels and Roles

First Line Support



1st Line Support Contact Details

Support & Training

CF_ Solidarity Fund

When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support lines Support Procedures and Levels


2nd Line Support Contact:




Contact Details

Client Information

Account Manager

Vodacom support is second line.

Issues Handled by Second Line Support

All faulty device and Sim related issues (Also explained on  Support Procedures and Levels)

Support & Training

Third Line Support Contact:

Third Line Support Information


When do the Third Line get involved

All unresolved issues will be escalated to the 3rd Line support to assist 1st and 2nd Line Support Further

3rd Line Support Contact Details

Mezzanine Support Desk

Tel: 021 880 2222


Communication Materail


Google Doc Link


Communication Overview


Communications Plan Overview .pdf

Data Collectors


Inout SuppliersHereSF eVoucher_ Input Suppliers Communication.pdf
FarmerHereSF eVoucher_ Farmers Communication.pdf
SMS OverviewHereSF eVoucher SMS Overview.pdf
FAQ Farmers & Data collectorsHereFrequently Asked Questions Farmer & Data Collector.pdf
FAQ Input SuppliersHereFrequently Asked Questions Input Suppliers.pdf
App installation VideoHere
Training VideoHere

Merchant Report Training PDFHereSF Merchant Training (1).pdf
Provincial Point of Contact for each province
Lingelihle Support users
SaveAct Support Users
SMS to Input Suppliers


Training videos & Documents to help you redeem vouchers for Solidarity Fund program: and


Please review these documents for more information on Solidarity Fund Program: Input Suppliers:, Farmers:

SMS to Data collectors: 


Training videos to help you register farmers for Solidarity Fund program: How to Install (, How to use app (


Please read two documents to help with farmer registration for Solidarity Fund Program: Your role: & Farmer info:

Voucher Redemption Training Video
Best Practice guide for SF Phase 3
SF eVoucher Phase 3_ Programme Brief.docx (1).pdf

Frequent Ask Questions

Webportal FAQ's


Description/ Answer


How do I log into the Web Portal

Helium Web Portal .pdf

How do I reset my password on the helium web portal?

How to reset a password on Helium.pdf
3.How to send a message to a user?
4.How to add web users and assign roles?
5.How to Use the Initiator role to assist users with enrollment?


I do not receive my market price and weather sms's.

e.g. I am suppose to receive the cabbage sms's but are not receiving any.

7.What details are needed when you want to register a new users on the system?

The following information is needed when registering a new user on the system:

Government employee (Yes/No)?
Mobile Number:
Type pf mobile device:
Target Number of beneficiaries to register:

8.What information is needed when you want to change your number on the system?

Laste Name
Mobile Number
Government employee?

Replace with New:
Government employee (Yes/No)?
Mobile Number:
Type pf mobile device:
Target Number of beneficiaries to register:


I do not find the farmer and get an error message "This farmer does not have access to this voucher code"

Please assist

Please make sure that the farmer's number is correct. It need to start with 27 instead of 0. If you want to redeem a voucher you need to start with 27 and not with 0.


In the case where the store does not have stock and the stock does not arrive before the 30 days is over does the voucher code expire completely? 

Yes thats correct - but you can buy products that are currently in stock and then spend the rest of the money later or even at another participating store. 

If you have not spend all your money, the system sent out a new voucher code with the amount that is left, which is then again valid for 30 days. 

Webportal Merchant  FAQ's



1.When and how Input Suppliers will be paid for vouchers redeemedPayment for vouchers redeemed for each business day and each outlet will be paid by the Solidarity Fund via their service providers on a daily basis (business days), 4-5 days after voucher redemption, depending on the cross bank transfer time required between the respective banks (for example vouchers redeemed on a Monday will be paid into the merchant account on the Friday.

Mobile Application FAQ's



1.How to re-enroll a mobile user?How to re-enroll a mobile user.pdf
2.How to download and enroll my application?How to download and enroll my application (4).pdf
3.I have put a wrong number by mistake for a farmer what should I do? Can I edit the farmer mobile number on the application?You cannot edit the farmers mobile number. You can re-capture the correct details and request that the incorrect farmer details be removed from the system. 

One of the questions in optional section is "Payment Code" and so far we have ignored it. What does it mean? 

This questions can be skip as none of the information is needed.
5.How can I edit farmers details if I forgot to complete some details and also skipped questions?

This can be done by clicking on Farmer Details:

  1. Login with Extension officer role
  2. Click on 'Proceed'
  3. Click on 'Farmer Details'
  4. Type in the farmer mobile number and click on 'Search'
  5. You can now edit farmer details, Add Value Chain and Complete Forms
6.Is there any rule that prohibits from doing 10 farmers a day or 20 since it is said that we need to register only 20 farmers for 10 days? We will advise that you remain to what you were told - we can only take a certain amount of farmers so you should not register more than what you were told, but it's fine if e.g. if you were told to capture 20, then you do all on one day. Important to note that you need to go to each farm and do each registration on the farm. 
7.Do we receive monthly data/airtime on our devices to use the application?

No - the CF_Solidarity Fund app is zero-rated which means that the app does not require data/airtime to work. The user should just make sure that mobile data and location is enabled at all times.

8.If I am a farmer am I allowed to register as well?

You need to get in contact with your provincial point of contact who will advise on this. 

PDA officials for Solidarity fund.docx

9.On the filter traditional community my location is not appearing. 

You can get in contact/whatsapp Louisa who will be able to assist with registering your location. 


What does the completed screen means as below?

The option is "Is completed" means that you have completed the set of questions on both forms.
11.I am unable to add a value chain for 'Poultry' when check 'Available value chains" the box is empty. This questions can be skip as none of the information is compulsory. Please fill if you do have the information.
12.I did not receive my 1gb DataThis could be for one of the following reasons:
1) The number is incorrect
2) The service provider is incorrect
3) The user has a contract that cannot receive data updates.If you provide new information for this user we can try to send data again.
13.Is it possible to register farmers while I am not on the farm?You need to be on the farmer when registering farmers in order for the GPS coordinates to sync through to the system.
14.Please assist the farming activity and household questions are grouped together. All 9 questions is on one form. This is correct. The two sections of forms have been merged to one section because we saw that most data collectors skip the second section.