Verigo Pods

Verigo Pods

Solution Overview Verigo™ - Mobile Cold Chain The Verigo™ cold chain pods bring visibility, accountability, and traceability to sensitive and perishable products throughout the supply chain. Environmental data loggers inserted into containers or coolers record and wirelessly transmit temperature data and excursion alerts to an application on a mobile device. Instantly get insight and visibility of all your shipments, and immediately know when shipment integrity is compromised and action is required.

What is Verigo?

Verigo™ Pods bring actionable data to your fingertips through wireless communication with your devicesPods bring actionable data to your fingertips through wireless communication with your devices. 

  • Set sensor minimum and maximum thresholds • Be alerted when something goes wrong 
  • Bring accountability to your supply chain 
  • ave time and eliminate the need to find your data logger 
  • Avoid opening containers to retrieve data 
  • Speed up your QA processes

All Pod data is automatically synced through a mobile device to Verigo's web app.

  • Simply log in and start searching current and past Pod records. 
  • Remotely view and see your Pod data from across the world
  • Bring traceability to your supply chain with past records
  • Identify patterns to help improve your supply chain processes 
  • Search & Filter to find specific records • View and analyze data from any monitoring session
  • View a complete audit of every Pod connection with map overlay of GPS locations
  • Generate validated PDF reports and download raw ExcelTM compatible data (CSV)

Verigo Pod Setup

This document contains the following information: Verigo Application and Pod Setup.pdf

  1. How to download the Verigo Application from the Play Store

  2. Installing the Verigo Application

  3. Log into the Verigo Application with your Company Account

  4. Configuring the Verigo Pod Settings

  5. Pairing the Verigo Pod

  6. Activating the Verigo Pod

  7. Viewing the Verigo Pod Data

  8. How to add multiple Verigo Pods per User

  9. How to uninstall the Verigo Pod

Verigo Setup Changes and Updates
Basic Verigo Setup stepsVerigo Updated Setup Document_ 6 May 2019

Verigo Frequent Asked Questions

Nr.Question Answer

I am having a problem with my cooler box data that is not coming through?

What could be the problem?

  1. Check the cooler box barcode that they have scanned, and the client (driver) must also confirm their MAC address. (MAC address is typed in capital letters with spaces, but on the system it is typed in small caps).
    • If the MAC address is not there, it means that it is not on the system, which means that the temperature cannot come through.

Another check when temperature is not appearing on the dashboard:

  1. Go to 'dashboard'.
  2. Click on 'view' next to Temperature
  3. Click on 'view item' - next the province name.
  4. Click on 'view record' - next to the sample name
  5. You can now see from which MAC address it was received from. If there is no information, it means that they have not synchronised.

Steps to synchronise the Verigo application:

  1. Click on the name of the pod on the Verigo app (the pod will now make a beep sound).
  2. Click on the synchronise button with (A) inside, at the top right hand side of the screen.
  3. When the loading reach 100% then the app is synchronised.
2.The system is giving me inaccurate results, what could be the problem?Look what the battery life of the pod is on the application - if the battery life is low then the pod needs to be replaced as the pod does not have a battery that can be replaced.
3.Where to find the Verigo Pod details?

This is where they are covering the pod and container:

  1. Go to 'manage data'.
  2. Click on 'view' next to device management.
    • Available Containers - displays the cooler box name and code
    • Available Cold Chain Pods - displays the pod name and code
    • Linked Pods - displays the barcode of the pods and to which pod it is linked to
4.Temperature do not seem to be accurate, what should I do?

The users need to make sure that they have paired, synchronise, bluetooth is enabled and that they have data on the device.

NB: Couriers need to make sure every morning that they have paired the Verigo app and that they have synchronise the device when they log off every evening.

5.Verigo Account Details (Production)

Details are on the Internal Wiki page section: 

When the driver login again they need to make sure that the pod is paired.

6.I am unable to synchronise my Verigo application with mobile data enabled, but when I use WiFi the app is synchronising fine. What could be the problem. If there is no data on your device the Verigo app will not synchronise, as the application is not zero-rated. 

I am receiving an error message when I want to login onto the verigo application. See screenshots below.

Please make sure that you do not have extra spaces etc before and after both username and password.

Can you please assist, I am receiving the following error message when logging in to the verigo app. The device has been restarted and reboot but it is still giving the error message. See screenshot below.

The pod needs to be uninstalled and installed again.

Follow the document below on how to uninstall and install the verigo pod again:

How to uninstall and install the verigo pod .pdf