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Support Contact Details

Vodacom Contact Details
Vodacom Support Details

The first line support team will send their query to the Mezzanine support team.
The Mezzanine support team will escalate all swap, lost or stolen and data related issues to:

Vodacom Support Team

What happens next?Vodacom will provide the Mezzanine support team with an reference number to track the process of the request and the Mezzanine support agent will keep the requester (client) informed until their issue has been resolved.
Process explained

Frequent Ask Questions


What details for sim swap related requests is required by the Mezzanine support agent,

to log a request with the Vodacom support team?

The following information is needed: 

Name of the facility?

Mobile number of old sim card?

IMEI number of new device? 

Sim card number of new sim card? 

2.What is the amount of data that HCF's and couriers receive per month? HCF's to receive 1GB of data every month and courier 2GB per month. 
3.I am no longer receiving any data on my device? 

Support agent to check if the sim card number exist on the asset register, if the number does not exist

then the sim card has been removed. 

Should the sim card number exist on the asset register, support agent to send an email to the Vodacom

support email address. 


My sim card has been activated by Vodacom but I am still receiving a message: "Sim card not 

provisioned",  Not registered on network. What could be the problem? 

Users to make sure that when they insert the sim card into the phone, that the device is switch off, as the

activation or sim swap cannot proceed when the device is switched on. 

The user should only switch on the device when the support agent received feedback from Vodacom and 

confirm this with the user. 


How long does sim swap take?

A sim swap takes more or less 3 - 6 hours to go through. 
6.Please assist to blacklist our facilities device?

The following information below is required to blacklist the facilities device:



Cellphone number:

Serial/IMEI number:

Date last used:

Date stolen/lost:

Once the necessary information required was received from the client - the support agent will send all information to Lizle to complete the blacklisting process.

Lizle will confirm once the blacklisting has been processed and the support agent will then communicate this to the client. 

Blacklist form (1).pdf