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Support Contact Details:


First Line SupportDetails

Lead Contact


WHC First Line Support Team


 1st Line Support



Other First Line Support Contacts
 List of Champions are found on the document below:


Below find the update information for the lead contacts for first line support.
It is documented on the SOP's for communication purposes. Normal communication will proceed on eLabs support, with the additional province added to the equation.

Contact InstanceContact Details
Driver SOPeLABS - Driver SOP.pdf
HCP SOPeLABS - Driver SOP.pdf

eLABS Zam - Driver SOP.pdf
eLABS Zam - HCP SOP.pdf

Western Province/wiki/spaces/SUP/pages/6653729
Copperbelt Province

When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support linesSupport Procedures and Levels or contact one of the WHC Support team members above to guide you in the right direction


eLabs Zambia Configuration process

Channel Partner: Second Line Support Contact Details : AfriConnect (Device and Sim related Issues)

3rd Line Support Contact Details: Mezzanineware