Technical Information

Apn/ Zero rated

Zero Rated (Normal APN selected)

SIMs registered with VBN on the APN.

Zero Rated APKhttps://ng-zerorated-journey.mezzanineware.com/static/Kaduna_SMIS-4.20.1.apk
Device iTel 1513 & iTel 1516

Product Information

Web URLhttps://kadunasmis.mezzanineware.com/web-client/login?appId=null&roleName=null
Handover Noteshttps://docs.google.com/a/geomed.co.za/document/d/16Vo1QD6QO1MwWv5Y9-E4zS3nEVu15SUZ6IcPUVdAAgM/edit?usp=sharing
Training Material

 Kaduna SMIS training manual.ppt

Mobile UserPrincipal (Representing a School)
First Line AThere are 23 Education Secretaries one from each LGA
First Line BEMIS officer - Education Management Information Systems

Support Contact Details:

Support Line
District/ Organisation
1st Line Support:


Duex Projects

Education Secretaries

Visit schools and assist with issues. They escalate to Duex Projects should they not be able to resolve

EMIS Officers


Mavenlink Projecthttps://mezzanine.mavenlink.com/workspaces/11186467
2nd Line Support:Vodacom Business NigeriaProduct Specialist

3rd Line Support:Mezzanine SupportClient Service

Mezzanine Support Desk

Tel: 021 880 2222

Email: support@mezzanineware.com