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eVouchering is a mobile application solution developed to register farmers and verify that they have crops which are eligible for a subsidy.

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CF_Vouchering Training Manual
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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Portal FAQ's

QuestionDescription Guide/ Answer

How do I login on the Web portal?

Open the document below to find picture illustrations on Helium Web portal Login.docx


How do I find a barcode?

Open the document for further details: CFVouchering_Install and enroll your application.pptx


How do I reset my password?


The Code field in the Voucher Report data is usually displayed as an 8 character hex string,

However when the report is exported as a CSV,

Where the Code hex value consists of 7 numbers and an 'e' character,

Then the field is rendered as a number with an exponent (e.g. something like 1.23e4) in the CSV.

When I view the exported CSV in a text editor the error is present so it looks like its occurring at the export stage.

Because the Code field is used as the unique identifier for each voucher,

then it causes issues where duplicate Code values have appeared in the data.

The issue here is that CSV does not have the data type embedded and assumes that the codes with E are scientifically numbered.

(1.23e12 = 1.23 to the power of 12 in scientific terms).

The user can work around this by following these steps:
1. Open a new Excel sheet;
2. Select all cells in the sheet;
3. Right click and select "Format Cells"
4. Select "Text" and click OK.
5. Open the CSV in the text editor and select all values.
6. Paste all the values from the text editor into the new Excel sheet.

Tests show all the codes are now 8 characters long and displaying correctly in Excel.

5.How to check if a Voucher has been redeemed after a User ask for the confirmation. Eg. Dealer did not receive any notification but think he redeemed a voucher etc.

On the Helium platform log in as Initiator then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on More
  2. Click on Crop Vouchers Menu
  3. You are now able to filter and search for the voucher in question using the search bar

If the voucher is not listed, it means the voucher has not been redeemed or not synced through to Helium.

Dealer first needs to SYNC their device (in the event that the transaction is still on the mobile the sync will resolve the issue) and after a while and after we confirm that the voucher is still not on the redeemed list (helium nor device), the dealer will have to redo their transaction.

6.How do I change the Mobile User's profile from Test profile to Live?

If your access allow, follow the instructions in the document: How to change the test agro dealer profile to live one.pptx

Should you not have the Initiator or Admin rights on Helium, Kindly send your request to the Support team.

7.How do I re-enroll a Mobile User

Please follow the steps in this document: How to re-enroll an agro dealer mobile user.pptx

8.How to check is an sms went out?

I have reset helium password but am not getting notifications sms of the new password

1.Depending on your sim card service  provider kindly Allow promotional messages 

Mobile Application FAQ's

QuestionDescription Guide/ Answer

Do I need data to use this service?

No. The application was developed to be zero rated

What are the main features?

I. Registration

  • Farmers are registered and profiled according to personal and farm information.

II. Communication

  • Farmers can receive important messages from county officials on availability of subsidies and other relevant agricultural notifications.

III. Voucher redemption

  • Farmers who are eligible will be able to redeem subsidy vouchers for agricultural purchases.

How do I pay for the balance of inputs purchased?

During the purchasing process, the farmer will be prompted to pay the balance

What do I do if I am experiencing issues?

Contact your First Line support to assist with your issues. They will escalate the matter further should they not be able to resolve.

How do I qualify for a subsidy?

Field Officers are able to register farmers and verify that they have crops which are eligible for a subsidy as issued by the county officials.

Do I need to pay to qualify?

No, the service is free. Once I am indicated to qualify, I will only need to pay for SMS'e to interact with the system

What to do when I receive the following error message?


Your internet connection was not stable enough to complete the operation.

Please press Refresh below to try again.”

When experiencing this issue:

The user need to ensure that mobile data has been enabled on the device.

Also make sure that you have a strong network connection.


No roles listed under Selection in the application

on the Device as per screen below:

  1. First Check if the user are registered on the Helium system by going to the web portal and searching with User number under Mobile Users.
  2. Should you find the User are registered twice check if the User are Enrolled with the correct profile. Eg. Live vs Test under the Sync location tab

    Test location_means the user will not see live data and the roles will not have any lists under it.

    Live Location_ The user are linked to live Data and the list should appear.

  3. Ensure the User are re-enrolled on the Live account in order to resolve the error message received to your left.

Should the Error still persist. Please follow the Instructions on How to see your DG data as below to ensure all fields have updated explained in this document Daignostics (localDB) steps.pptx

9.How do I check if the device's local Database is synced up to date.

Please follow the steps as listed in this document: Daignostics (localDB) steps.pptx

10.The Dealer did not receive an sms notification after the Voucher were redeemed.

The first line support member can check on the database if the voucher has been redeemed yet.

If the database shows the voucher code has not been redeemed as of yet it means no message will be received.

Please make sure the Agrodealer has synced their device and is in a good coverage area.

If by any chance the redemption is still on the mobile the resync should solve the issue and if not, the Dealer will need to redo the transaction.


I get the error that my Voucher code does not exist

The Dealer should do a full sync of their device and then redo the the voucher redemption.


My Device shows a Connectivity problem and that the request were denied for Security?

The following steps can be checked to ensure this error is resolved:

  • Ensure that Mobile data is active and on, a Wifi connection can be tried to ensure there is stable connectivity if the area's signal are too weak
  • Make sure the Device's Date and time settings are correct by doing the following diagnostics steps:
    1. Open your application (steps with screenshots are in Question 9)
    2. Press on the three dots on the top right hand corner
    3. Click on Diagnostics
    4. Make sure all items listed here are green Eg. Connectivity will show if there is problems with your date and time. Should the time still appear to be correct please continue to reset it the settings still.
    5. Now check if the voucher redemption can continue
  • Should the problem still persists, Use this code to test if the device certification is in order by opening the device's Internet browser and opening the following URL:
  • If you are unable to open the URL as mentioned above, than it is a certificate problem and that will need to be rectified by your device manufacturer.

13.How do I enable Unknown Sources to my device will allow the links send from Mezzanine

Go to Settings on the Mobile device

  • Go to Security or Lock screen and security
  • Look for the option Unknown Sources
  • Make sure you enable unknown sources by clicking in the box next to unknown sources and exit the Settings tab.
14.As an Agro-dealer I am getting an error when trying to redeem, stating that “the user mobile number does not exist”.

The Agro-dealer needs to make sure that he/she is not in testing mode. This needs to be rectified by enrolling the user with his/her live profile. 

As an Agro dealer I am receiving an error message, that there is no stock available.

The Agro dealer is receiving the error message, as he/she has not been linked to a service point.

16.I get the following message when I try to resend the code: Dear Ruth Shimwami (CR), you currently have no available vouchers. Thank you - CFU - 0979326445.

The message means that the user used and redeemed all fund in the voucher.

When you get such a message you can go to logs>>sms>>type in the farmer number>>search>>this will show you all the activities (sms log).


Please assist as stock quantity is showing 0,0. See screenshot attached.

The support agent to follow the following steps below: 

  • Request the mobile number of the user from the client. 

  • Check if the user exist on the system and that the "Agro-dealer" role has been assigned to the user: 
  • Login with your "Initiator" role. 
  • Click on more then select "Users"
  • Click on "Select" next to Manage Web Users. 
  • Search the mobile number of the user
  • Once the user has been found, click on "Roles" next to the users name
  • You can now check if the "Agro-dealer role is assigned to the user. If the Agro-dealer role is not assigned to the user click on "Assign" next to the "Agro-dealer" role.

  • If the "Agro-dealer" role are assigned to the user the following steps below needs to be followed:
  • Click on more then select "Service Points"
  • Click on "Manage" next to the Type: Agro-Dealership
  • Search the users name
  • Click on view next to the users name
  • Under "Available web user for Service Point" search the users name or mobile number and click on assign next to the users name. 
  • Once the users has been assigned - ask the user to synchronise the application and try again in minutes. 

I can’t  access helium web I get a burner with “ privacy notice consent””

1.Tick on checkbox and tap on proceeded