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SAMS is a monitoring service which enables clients to monitor, manage and maintain their assets, as well as ensuring compliance. The process starts with passive assets registration into a web application. The application is responsible for information management, the creation of reports and compliance management. In this way advisors will be enabled to identify critical assets, which will then be selected for active monitoring using IoT transducers.

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SAMS - Smart Asset Management Solutions

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 South Africa
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Mobile Application FAQ's




Can we restrict that the barcode restriction in terms of length be removed from the instances.

We are having issues on the instances - the guys are scanning a barcode and the system tells them that no assets can be verified -would

you like to do a take-on. My thought is that if the restriction is removed the scanned barcode will be linked to the barcode as imported into the instances.

Also if the existing data in the instances has to be amended we will have to get confirmation on the barcode lengths etc from the guys on the ground.

The restriction is not the problem here.

The problem is that the barcode that you scan is different to the one that you imported via CSV into system.

You will get the error if the system can't find the barcode so it prompt you to create a new asset.

Solution: Make sure that assets imported in the system is the same barcode as the one that you scan else it will create duplicates.

For example:

System have "1" but you scan a barcode with "00000001" so we try to find "00000001" in the database that it can't find.

2.There is one Custodian who are responsible for many rooms on SAMS. Instead of performing a sign off for each room, the user only wants to perform a physical sign off on the mobile application for one room. Will it be possible to link a custodian signature too many rooms, on the backend? 

The SAMS moveable assets data model for room sign-offs do not allow to do this easily. 

Each sign-off gets saved separately with it's own signature - it is not a link to a photo file, rather the actual binary for the signature gets saved with each sign-off record. It enforces an original signature for each sign-off. You can think of it in terms of a sign-off being saved, and a custodian linked back to the sign-off. We do not save a signature for a custodian. 


Is there any way to confirm exactly which assets were created on SAMS mobile app by selecting "Take On Asset" on the mobile application? 

From my side for ATNS instance in order to identify assets which were created by selecting "Take On Asset" on mobile app: I can compare the asset register with the asset register after I have uploaded new assets per CSV. Not sure what I can do from my side for Drakenstein instance (except by asking the client to provide us with the data which he uploaded per CSV and then comparing that with the asset register. 

In the report you sent:

* Column AN (“Log Entry” field): This status does not appear to relate to when an Asset been created by selecting “Take On Asset” on the Mobile App. It appears as if “takeon” will appear when a value under “Take-on” field has been changed on the Web Portal. Therefore this field can’t be used in order to identify which asset were created on SAMS by selecting “Take On Asset” on the mobile app.

** I have tested on SAMS QA by taking on an asset (barcode 13marchtest), and this is what appears:


** I have also verified an Asset which already exists on SAMS QA (barcode SAMS1642TEST2) and this is what appears.


* Column A (“Created by First name”): I thought if I filter this for “Default User” it will list all Assets which were created on SAMS by uploading a CSV? This does not appear to be the case as only 9091 Assets appear (prior to verification I uploaded more than 24000 Assets and another 3000 assets on 19 February.

Unfortunately, we can not detect from the logs which assets were taken on or verified by the Mobile App specifically. We have a clue in that the logs show "Asset verified by xxxx" when verified or taken on using the mobile app, as your tests show. But this does not tell us whether the asset was taken on.

However, what we can determine is which assets had the Verified or Takeon changed from True or False to Null (Blank) with the bug in the code.
I did some testing on QA and on SAMS Allan Gray (Asset Barcode EMS05860)

The logs will show 'verified' or 'takeon' in the "Field Name" and Old Value 'true' New Value blank for example.

I have modified the report to:
1. Only show assets which have log entries for changes to the 'verified' or 'takeon' fields.
2. Only show the log entries for these assets related to the 'verified' or 'takeon' fields
3. Show the Old Value as well as New Value on the report. Also changed the 'Log Entry' column name to 'Log Field Name' to correspond to the view in SAMS.

From this report you can now clearly see, by filtering and comparing the Verified, Takeon and Log Fields which assets had the Verified and TakeOn set to blank.

Ticket logged:

4.How to install and enroll the SAMS mobile application? (Installing and Upgrading)

The barcodes on the movable asset register does not update after the barcode was edited on the asset details screen on the web portal.


  • I changed barcode 000000000000150 to LEASE2020>00002, but the barcode did not change on the movable asset register table. Please refer to attached screenshot for the asset details screen after made the change.
  • Steps: Movables→Movable Asset register→View→Edit→Change barcode→Save→Back.

  • I changed barcode 085009 to LEASE2020>00003, but the barcode did not change on the movable asset register table. Please refer to attached screenshot for the asset details screen after made the change.
  • Steps: Movables→Movable Asset register→View→Edit→Change barcode→Save→Back.

One has to navigate out (back) of the Asset Register for it to reload again.

So when you navigate from the Asset Details screen back to the Asset Register, the Asset Register is still in its last state. Please navigate back again, and re-enter the Asset Register to see the changes reflected in the table.

Web Portal FAQ's

1.How to invite a web user? 
2.How do I invite a mobile user?
3.How to sms an apk link to a user?