Type Conversion


Converting To String

Assigning a non-string value to a string variable implicitly converts the value to string.

int i = 12; string s = i; //int to string
decimal d = 12.34; string s = d; //decimal to string




Converting From String

To convert from string to another primitive, use the fromString(s) BIFs available on the corresponding data type namespace.


to int
string s = "12"; int i = Integer:fromString(s);
to decimal
decimal d = Decimal:fromString("12.34");
to uuid
uuid id = Uuid:fromString(user._id);
date d = Date:fromString("2017-01-02");

For converting from string to datetime, use Date:fromTimeString(s):

datetime dt = Date:fromTimeString("2017-1-20 08:45:12 GMT");




Additional Mentions and References