Switching between the old UI and New (Apr 2024)


In April 2024 Helium got a new UI for the first time in 11 years. To aid in the changeover we added a feature that will allow product owners to set how their apps are viewed. There are three settings to this: old UI, new UI and toggle UI. These settings are on a per app basis and will lock the app into one of these three categories.

old UI

By default all existing apps will be set to old UI. Apps in this lock will see everything as it was before. This will allow product owners the time to finalise the changeover with their clients and users. Once they are ready the product owners can set their apps to toggle UI.

toggle UI

This will allow the users to select the new UI button at the top of the app thereby setting their own preference to view the app in the new UI. If they have set their viewing preference to new UI, the user can then click on the Old UI button at the top of the site to view the site as before.

Setting this option allows the users to play around with the site and to get them familiar to the new way things are looking and working

new UI

This will set the app to only be displayed in the new UI. The toggle button will be gone and the user will not be able to view the old UI anymore. This setting is for new Apps that will developed as well as for apps that has completed their change over.

Where to set the UI Lock

  1. To set the UI lock you will need access to see and edit the app settings on the admin app (where you set your user profile details).

  2. Go the Apps menu item on the left menu.

  3. On the app that you want to change, click on the Update button.

  4. On the left you will find the UI lock dropdown. Select the required lock and click the Save App button.