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Connected Farmer Solution

A mobile phone based solution for agribusiness to interact and transact with smallholder farmers.

Client Pages

Second Line Support useful information: Vodacom (SA & Tanzania)

Third Line Support Contact Details: Mezzanineware

Webportal FAQ's


Description/ Answer


How do I log into the Web Portal

Helium Web Portal .pdf

How do I reset My password

How to reset a password on Helium.pdf
3.How to send a message to a user?How to send a message to Farmers.pdf
4.How to add web users and assign roles?How to add web users and assign roles.pdf
5.How to Use the Initiator role to assist users with enrolment?

I do not receive my market price and weather sms's.

e.g. I am suppose to receive the cabbage sms's but are not receiving any.

Support agents steps before logging any tickets with developing team or Manstrat:

  1. Check that the users mobile number is correct.
  2. The GPS coordinates for the user is provided.
  3. Check that there is a market prices crop added for this user.

Following steps can be followed to see the users mobile number and GPS coordinates:

Step 1: Go to More and click on Farmers

Step 2: Search the users name.

Step 3: Look under mobile number, GPS lat and GPS long.

Follow the following steps to see the users market price crop that has been added:

Step 1: Go to More and click on web reports.

Step 2: Click on select next to report order number 19: Farmer Registration Answers Report.

Mobile Application FAQ's

1.How to re-enroll a mobile user?How to re-enroll a mobile user.pdf
2.How to download and enroll my application?How to download and enroll my application (4).pdf

Manstrat FAQ's


How to download the AgriSuite application on my device?

Follow these steps below to download the AgriSuite application:

1: Open Play Store.

Step 2: In the search box type "Agrisuite Neo".

Step 3: Click on Install.

Step 4: Open the application once it has finish downloaded.

Step 5: Click on "Google Login"

Step 6: Sign in with your google account email address or mobile number. 

Step 7: Click on "Next"

Step 8: Enter your "password"

Step 9: Click on "Next". You have now successfully logged in. 

1st Line Support

GIZ (Implementation partner for all CF SA clients)Support & Training