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Channel Partner list of Supported products

Channel partner
Products Using the Second Line Channel
Vodacom (South Africa)
  • Aitahealth
  • School Management
  • Stock Visibility Solution
  • Connected Farmer
Vodacom (Tanzania)
  • mVaccination_Swahili

Vodacom Support Process

1.How to log calls with Vodacom? 

Follow the support call process in the diagram below to log issues with the Vodacom contact Centre:

Issues logged above will be resolved based on the flow of the diagram below:

Channel Partner_Vodacom

A channel partner is a company that partners with a manufacturer or producer to market and sell the manufacturer's products, services, or technologies.
Issues Handled by Second Line SupportAll faulty device and Sim related issues (Also explained on  Support Procedures and Levels)
Vodacom process and service delivery document for SVS users:Operations Manual 1 (005) (2).pdf
Sim-card related Issues

What happens next?

For all sim card related issues such as Simswaps, Faulty sims, sim replacements kindly send an Email with your request on the departments letterhead to the relevant Vodacom email contact as listed below.

You will receive an automated response from Vodacom with a reference number as well as frequent updates via email with the status of your request until the matter has been resolved.

Please use the email that correspond to your particular product from the list below:

Product/ ClientEmail address to use
SVS South AfricaPSENationalhealth@vodacom.co.za
eLabs sgavip@vodacom.co.za
Aitahealthto be confirmed
School Managementto be confirmed
Corporate Clients


Vodacom Contact Partners/wiki/spaces/SUP/pages/6655154

The Following Items will be handled by the Second Line support Members:

Mobile Application Related Issues
Web Portal Related Issues
Faulty Mobile device troubleshootFaulty Laptop/tablet troubleshoot
Check if Mobile data is active and workingEnsure devices are able to connect to Internet
Simswaps & Rica process (More details are found below)Troubleshoot Web-portal setup
Device and Sim Blacklisting/ Unblocking (See Blacklisting process below)Internet Bundles Check
WASP services Checks and removal (See Wasps process below)APN Checks and blocking
Signal strength Investigations if User struggle getting signals on regular basisSignal Strength Investigations if Internet Provider signals are faulty
Device Reboot in Order to reset faulty or freezing applicationEscalation to Third line Support

Vodacom's procedures and Documents

Item NrCertain Sim and Device Issues

Description and Process to follow

Documents client will need to fill and Send To Vodacom/

Contact Information


Email Authorization

The client must send Vodacom a completed form, an official letter & a copy of the ID requesting & authorizing that  requests received by the administrator be dealt with via e-mail requests. A signed company letter per request will no longer be required. This requirement is essential to meet all SLA’s. Vodacom will load such authorizations to the system for Pop Up Reminders.

Email Authorization Form.pdf
 2.WASPs Services Blocking
    • Please fill out Form Nr. 1 to your right to list lines you need to block wasp services on and send to relevant parties. You will obtain the details once you contact 1940
    • To unblock Wasps services you may fill in Form Nr. 2 and send to the same party as mentioned above.

Contact 1940 to obtain email or fax number information for the form below:

    1. MSISDN Spreadsheet for WASP Subscription Service Blocking Unblocking V1.xls
    2. WASP Subscription Service Blocking Unblocking Application Form.pdf
3.Vodacom Spend Manager

This is a tool which can be accessed via a web-portal. Its assists the client to manage their own accounts to an extent. The following functions can be performed, locking/ unlocking of lines, call limits, activation/ de-activation, cellular Profile, example pin & puk, IMEI can found. Re-assigning of lines between users and SIM Swaps function.

More support on Spend Manager can be requested through: Tel+27 (0) 10 492 0668 or Emailsupport@spendmanager.co.za
4.Blacklisting and un-blacklist of the device

In case of a device loss the client is requested to call 1940 for their line will be locked, immediately subject to authentication. This will prevent unauthorized use of the SIM Card. Case number will be required for blacklisting.

The same form may be used for un-blacklisting of the device too.

Please fill in the form below and email to: GPGov@vodacom.co.za

Blacklisting and Unblacklisting form.pdf

5.Repairs Process and outlets

Please open/ click on the document (In green) to view the Device Book-in process.pdf

    • Order for devices, accessories and sim cards.
    • Activation of lines, migration of package, sim swap, lock and unlocking of lines.
    • Cancellation of contracts, extension/renewal of contracts and contract transfers.
    • Activation of VAS and number swaps etc.

First point of Contact is GPGov@vodacom.co.za for the below requests and you will get the Service Request reference for easy follow up.

This SR is attached to the turnaround time assigned per specific customer’s request. Below are some tasks that managed fromGPGov@vodacom.co.za Desk.

6.Puk/ Pin code Issues

Namhla Mboya is the Vodacom contact person for such queries

Contact her on details to your right.

Vodacom support contact

7.SVS Support Process
Mezzanine Product Support Process.pdf

Frequent Ask Questions

What to do when my sim card was simswop at Vodacom, but it still give the "Not registered on Network" message?

Ask the end-user to perform a manual location update:

  • Switch the phone off, remove the SIM card from the device.
  • Re-insert the SIM card and turn the device on again.
  • Do a manual network location update by selecting network selections and change to manual - then choose MTN or Cell C - this will fail - then go back and choose Vodacom.