As of Helium 1.19, all button variants, namely the normal button, submit button, view action, row action and marker actions support confirmation popups. These are useful when to ensure users are sure before performing potentially sensitive or critical operations. Confirm popups are implemented as a dialog box with subject and body text and built-in buttons for "Ok" and "Cancel" options. The subject and body text is represented in the lang file and referenced by the lang key in the view component itself:


View XML
<confirm subject="confirm_subject" body="confirm_body"/>
confirm_subject=You sure?
confirm_body=Are you really sure?

Confirm dialog



Confirm with submit

<submit label="button.save_and_invite" action="submitAndInviteTrainee">
	<confirm subject="confirm_subject.invite_trainee" body="confirm_body.invite_trainee" />


Confirm with normal button

<button label="button.table_mode" action="toggleFatTable">
	<visible function="showDataTable"/>
	<confirm subject="confirm_subject" body="confirm_body"/>


Confirm with view action

<action label="button.toggle_manage_gyms_view_mode" action="toggleViewMode">
	<visible variable="uSystemConfig">
		<attribute name="showGymMap"/>
	<confirm subject="confirm_subject.view_map" body="confirm_body.view_map" />


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