The text area widget is similar to the text field widget with two important differences:

  • Although it still supports binding to basic variables or object instance attributes, only string basic types are supported. As a result  text areas do not allow for additional hints, formatting and validation using a datatype XML attribute.
  • The physical widget area is larger, it is scrollable and also allows for users to resize it by dragging the bottom right corner.

The title is specified as a key to a lang file entry and is required. A tooltip can also be specified as a key to a lang file entry but is optional. Visibility bindings are also supported.


The abbreviated code snippets and screenshot below shows the use of <textarea/> with a value binding to an object instance attribute.

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<textarea label="textarea.farm_address">
    <binding variable="farmer">
        <attribute name="farmAddress"/>
Backing unit
Farmer farmer;
void init() {
	farmer = Farmer:new();
textarea.farm_address = Farm address:

<textarea> example screenshot

scrolling <textarea> screenshot

resized <textarea> screenshot

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