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The Helium Certification is an official certification from Mezzanine that certifies developers to develop on the Helium platform and takes the form of an online multiple choice exam.

The following steps can be followed to obtain Helium certificationCertification:

Work through the training material

The Helium training material is publicly available online and consists of the following:

The official Helium Beginner's tutorial

A step by step guide to learn how to develop on Helium by developing a sample app. Full source code examples are included and most of the fundamental functionality of the Helium platform as exposed through the Helium Domain Specific Language (DSL) are covered.

The Helium Beginner's tutorial can be found here: Helium Beginner's Tutorial

DSL and View Reference

Reference material dedicated to detailed descriptions and examples of all aspects of the Helium DSL including the view XML. 

The DSL and view reference documentation can be found here:

Quick Reference

The Helium quick reference material provides a summary of the components in the DSL. Is can be found here:

Quick Reference

The training material and documentation listed above is listed in order of importance with regards to preparing for the Helium certification. Note that access to the training material will not be restricted at all during the exam.

Request authorisation for the certification exam

Once the training material has been worked through and you are confident to proceed to the exam itself a request can be made to write the exam. The process for this is as follows:

  • For internal developers, a support request can be logged on Jira.
  • For external developers, an e-mail should be sent to Mezzanine support at
  • In both cases state clearly that the request is for an authorisation to write the Helium Certification exam. Also indicate the preferred time period for the authorisation as well as you your name, e-mail address and mobile number and organisation.
  • Once authorised, you will be requested to sign up at and further instructions will be provided to assist in completing the exam.
  • Once the exam is started, it has to be completed within a specified time period.
  • After completion of the test, results will be indicated immediately. If the result is a pass, an electronic certificate will be sent by e-mail. Alternatively a certificate it can be download downloaded on the certification app itself.