Mezzanine Bursary Terms and Conditions

  1. The bursary is a financial offering for the completion of tertiary studies at a recognised and accredited South African university.

  2. The bursary is offered as an academic merit bursary open to full time first year students (undergraduates) studying towards Computer Science, but may lack necessary resources to complete such studies.

  3. The bursary may cover the following:

    1. Tuition

    2. University accommodation

    3. Textbooks allowance

  4. To apply for a Mezzanine bursary, an applicant must have obtained a minimum of 65% average or higher in matric.

  5. Only South African citizens with a valid 13-digit South African identification number will be allowed to apply for a bursary.

  6. Applications are open from April 2024. 

  7. Applicants who already are in possession of a bursary will not be considered. 

  8. Only applications meeting the requirements will be considered. 

  9. Applicants are only allowed to submit one application for this bursary.

  10. No late entries will be accepted.

  11. Mezzanine will notify all shortlisted applicants of the outcome by end of June 2024, or earlier unless otherwise communicated.

  12. For any queries, applicants must communicate via the official e-mail address, i.e.

  13. Once a bursary is awarded, the applicant may elect to refuse the offer, but must notify Mezzanine of this intention within 48 hours of the bursary offering.

  14. The awarding of a bursary does not guarantee an offer of employment on completion of studies.

  15. The bursary is awarded for the first year of study only.

  16. The awarding of a bursary for the applied for year does not guarantee awarding for any following year(s). Should Mezzanine open bursary applications for the following year(s), the bursar should apply again and the application will be assessed based on its merits. 

  17. A postgraduate bursary offering may be made at Mezzanine’s discretion.

  18. Once a bursary  is awarded and is accepted, the applicant will need to enter into a contractual agreement with Mezzanine.

  19. The applicant admits that they have no criminal record.

  20. The applicant admits that all information shared is correct and true and any falsification would lead to their application being rejected.

  21. The applicant agrees to the Mezzanine Privacy Notice.