1.1.0 Release Notes

  • Based on Java EE 7
  • Major architectural design changes that improve performance and enable functional improvements.
  • Notify users by SMS whenever they are invited to join more Helium applications.
  • Developers can customise logos, icons, login images etc. for every application instance.
  • The Helium 1.0 OAuth authentication for the Android client has been removed, thereby solving the issue that prevented mobile devices with inaccurate dates and times from authenticating against the back-ends.
  • Removed the hsid and oauth URL parameters that confused web users.
  • Render Jasper reports in HTML.
  • Cache compiled instances of DSL applications per application version, thereby reducing the memory footprint of the Helium back-end.
  • Share a thread-safe instance of the view parser across compiler threads, thereby increasing the performance of the dsl parser and compiler by a factor of ten.
  • Routing rules for outgoing and incoming SMS messages that can be configured per application instance and that allows for fail-over routes.
  • Developers can activate/deactivate scheduled functions for entire application versions or per application instance.
  • Source code can be swopped out in real-time for running application versions.