1.33 Release Notes

Functional Requirements

  • HE-8126
    • Added an inbound SMS driver for the "Africa's Talking" service provider.
  • HE-8082
    • Added the ability to use blob types for the map marker icons.
  • HE-8206
    • The timeout for Helium's SDP SMS outbound driver has been increased to 5 seconds from 2 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • HE-8163
    • Helium's media resource was not working due to a mismatch between the result of the inbound API and the handling of the resource itself.
    • Note that this fix has already been deployed to Helium production (global) as part of Helium 1.32.1.
  • HE-8169
    • Improved the Vodacom SMS driver to allow splitting long sms' into multiple sent messages instead of cutting them off and discarding the remainder.
    • Note that this change has already been deployed to Helium production (global) as part of Helium 1.32.2.
  • HE-8241
    • Fix to how character encoding for DSL translation files are handled. Deployed in bug fix release 1.33.3.
  • HE-8279
    • Fixed to issue for runtime exception a sub-report is included in a built-in Jasper report. Available in bug fix release 1.33.4 of the HeliumDev client.
BETA Deployment2020-12-03
Production Deployment2020-12-10 22:00 CAT