Submit buttons are aesthetically similar to normal buttons but their behaviour differs from normal buttons with respect to the following:

  • They allow data captured on the view to be submitted to a unit
  • They do not allow for usage without an action function binding

Visibility bindings and the confirm dialog is also supported.


View XML
<textarea label="input.workout_comments">
	<binding variable="uWorkout">
		<attribute name="comments"/>
<submit label="button.save_workout" action="saveWorkout"/>
Backing unit
unit Workouts;
Workout uWorkout;
void init() {
	uWorkout = Workout:new();
DSL_VIEWS saveWorkout() {
	uWorkout.endTstamp = Date:now();
	return DSL_VIEWS.Workouts;
en.lang file entry
button.save_workout = Save workout

The above example shows a very typical use case where data is submitted after which the view is reloaded by means of a navigation to the same view. Note that when navigating from a view to itself, the view is reloaded in that any collection sources for widgets on the view are re-evaluated. The init function, however, will not be executed. A view init function will only be executed when navigating to the view from a different view or as a result of a menu navigation. For that reason we include a call to init in the saveWorkout function in the code snippet above. This ensures that a new workout object instance is instantiated despite the init function not being called automatically.

Additional Mentions and References