The check box input widget allows for the capturing of data of type boolean.

The widget allows for binding to a basic data type variable directly or to an object instance attribute.

The title is specified as a key to a lang file entry and is required. A tooltip can also be specified as a key to a lang file entry but is optional. Visibility bindings are also supported.

A new addition in version 1.57.0 (specific to the new UI) is the description attribute. The description attribute works similarly to the title in that it is specified as a key to a lang file entry, however, its purpose is to allow for additional information related to an input and will appear beneath the input.


Model object attribute
persistent object Farmer {
    // Attributes for messaging opt-in
    bool emailMessaging;
View XML
<checkbox label="checkbox.opt_in_email_messaging">
    <binding variable="farmer">
        <attribute name="emailMessaging"/>
Backing unit
Farmer farmer;
void init() {
    farmer = Farmer:user();
en.lang file entry
checkbox.opt_in_email_messaging = Opt in for messaging by E-mail:

<checkbox> example screenshots

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