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eSubsidy – An Overview

This voucher is designed to support small-scale, current farmers who are mainly farming to feed their own households. 

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1.What is the Agriculture Value Chain Support Program(AVSP)?

It is a National program which aims at supporting all farming households with access to a wide range of agriculture based services.

2.Who qualifies for the farm inputs under the e-voucher system?A duly registered farmer and one who is engaged in the production activities of the targeted crop within the target county

How do I register?

Register at your local chief 


Do I need to pay for registration as a farmer?

No. Registration as a farmer is free. 

5.How does a farmer get the e-voucher?

Once the program begins, registered farmers will receive the e-Voucher via SMS on their registered mobile number.


What inputs and quantities are in the e-voucher?

Farmers will be guided on the wide range of inputs and their considered quantities 


What is the farmer contribution in the e-voucher

The government is providing a subsidy amount whereas the farmer provides KSh. 3500 per bag with an exception of 1 type of bag which goes for KSH. 4050.

The farmer will be required to have loaded their cost of the input in their mobile money account for transactions below KSH. 300,000.

The farmers can also pay via Paybill whereby the till number is 4101401 and the account number will be the voucher code they have been issued.Once the details are put in correctly and they pay for the amount stated they are able to redeem the voucher.

For transactions above KSH. 300,000 the farmers will deposit their cost of input to the Kenya National Trading Corporation KCB Account, account details:

    • Account name: Kenya National  Trading Corporation Limited
    • Bank name: Kenya Commercial Bank
    • Account Number: 1305267672
    • Bank Code: 01-320
8.As a selected farmer where do I get the farm inputs from?

You can get the farm inputs from any of the nearest e-voucher pre-qualified redemption points in your county. 

9.How a voucher is retrieved if it is lostFarmers will be able to send “Resend” to a short-code to retrieve it. The short code number is 27070.
10.Voucher validity period Change how long the voucher expires. Suggested period is 30 days instead of 7 days.
11.If the voucher expires before redemption. If the voucher expires before redemption they can receive another
12.Report for all payments that have been redeemed in a stationVoucher redemption report under finance manager for your own Location
13.Printable transaction details after redemption Report is to have a print button before finalising the redemption on the web user side
14.Separation of functions between Mombasa depot and the rest of the depots

Since they both share stock manager roles only the Mombasa depot can manage stock items and manage stock locations

The rest should only be able to Capture, view, transfer stock and stock recon.

15.What do i do if a voucher was redeemed but i do not have stock for that voucher?

When such a case occurs, as an initiator Click on more then select the Voucher menu.

On the Voucher menu Click on Voucher transaction status check

Once on the voucher menu, when you put in the phone number of the farmer as well as the voucher code that has been redeemed, you are able to see the change product button as seen below.
When you click the change product button it will show all product types that are on the system and you can select the product type that the voucher needs to be changed too. Once the product is changed  the subsidy payment will be in status Override. Now you MUST select “Check Status” again. This will query the transaction status from Safaricom once more, and if the payment was successful, it will then move the transaction to Redeemed and It will create all the correct stock transactions etc.



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