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When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support lines Support Procedures and Levels


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 AfriConnect (Device and Sim related Issues)

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Mobile Application FAQ's

1.How do I install and enroll my mobile application? 

I am waiting for a farmer number for Chisamba to be worked on.

The numbers are not recognised when trying to create a delivery.

Please follow the steps below to make sure you are invited on the correct instance:

  1. Click on the three dots at the top right hand side of the screen
  2. Click on about
  3. Under DMS Container you will see under which instance you are enrolled to.


3."Good morning we established connection at Mutenda yesterday but the milk deliveries still haven't been received by farmers"

The requester were asked to do the following on the MCC's device:

  • Sync (check on our system for connection)
    Connection Troubleshoot:
    Ensure device have data to sync, client could confirm this as well as positive connections received on our system which means this is not an Network related issue
    Check diagnostics report on the application and if Network is still red, escalate to Africonnect (Partner) for assistance with a Network issue
  • Confirm the time of sync on the day of delivery
    Investigation showed for this particular Issue
    Note that deliveries done for the 21st of March were only synched 11hours ago which would be around 21:00/ 22:00 Pm for the SMS to be sent, they will need to be synced before 20:00 each day. Yesterday's delivery SMS will only be send at 20:00 today in together with delivery SMS'e for today's deliveries as well. Should you still have farmers who do not receive SMS'e today kindly let us know with details of the farmer numbers in question.
  • When to escalate to the technical team- Jira:
    If connection is successful AND the device synched before Cutoff time (20:00 Zambian time) then the SMS not being received Issue, should be escalated on Jira with the following details:
    Number of Farmers who did not receive the SMS
    Name of Milk grader (MCC)
    Time of sync if information is available

When creating a delivery on Session option nothing is showing:


Former user (Deleted)

Kindly give the solution as you resolved this issue and asked the user to sync for the changes to appear?

what were done to resolve this etc.

5.I will be going to "kalomo" for delivery recording activation

The client will send this request in when the device is still enrolled on the training environment and not on production yet.

Steps taken to resolve the Issue:

  1. Log in as Finance manager on the particular Instance
  2. Go to SMS logs to find the original Invitation SMS

    Note that on DAZ Diaries, there is no option to do reset enrolments or to trigger new SMS enrolment APK's therefore we use the previous send SMS in the SMS logs. These SMS'e were send out when the Milk-grader were registered on Helium the first time and should always be on record in the SMS Log.
  3. Copy and paste the link and send to the Requester
  4. They will now use the APK link to enrol the user on the correct production environment.
  5. Ensure the user is on the correct instance now, by asking the requester to see if they can choose a farmer from the drop down menu, the test environment will have no farmers to select. 
  6. Also check if you received the Mobile sync connection on Journey backend.
6.How do we check data balance on the Tablets?Dail *575#
If the client reports that the data has been depleted, the Issue needs to be escalated to the channel partner (Africonnect)
7.How do I switch from one MCC to another using my Extension officer role?

You invited yourself to all the MCC allocated to you as Extension Officer and you have multiple enrolment Link.

To Switch between the MCC

Sync the data first otherwise it will be lost!!!!

A. Click the three dots on the right top corner
B. Click on Diagnostic
C. Click Again on the three dots on the right top corner
D. Select Leave app and Leave

Once you go to Eg. Kampelembe MCC, click the link on your SMS for Extension Officer

You don't need to download Again, click enrol and make sure you sync the data


I am trying to setup GPS for the farmer farm location. 
Assistance please.

These are farmers that have already been registered.

GPS location can only be captured during registration on the mobile app. 

You already have the village of the farmer on the farmer registry and you are able to see how many have GPS named active farmers with GPS and are displayed on the map above the data. 

You can expand your map to narrow down to individual farmers as shown below. 

To see the above screen - > Login as a master admin - > Farmers - > Registered Farmers - > You will see the map, and at the bottom active farmer with GPS

If you do not find the farmers on the map you need to edit the farmers details on the mobile app. 

Open the mobile app - >  click on farmers - > search the farmer - > you can now edit the details of the farmer and also correct the GPS coordinates. 

Web Portal FAQ's


How can I switch from one MCC to another?

Example. After updating the farmers profile for Kwanshama MCC you want to update the one for Kampelembe MCC.

You cannot switch between instances (MCC) you need be invited on each instance

(MCC) to update farmers profiles. 

2.The MCC is closing for the monthly collection. How do we close for the month?

By logging in a Finance Manager, you have an option to manage the payment period.

This is where you finalise and close off the month, but prior to do so, you will have to

finalise all items for the period before closing the month. Once closed, you cannot go

back to amend or edit. 

Steps to close the month:

  1. Login as a Finance Manager
  2. Click on Payments
  3. Click on select next to Payment File Export
  4. Click on Process (once you have click on process the month will be closed)


How can I get a farmer's APK link to download and enroll the application?

Please follow the steps below on how to get a farmer's APK link:

  1. Login with your Finance Manager role.
  2. On the side bar, click on 'SMS Logs Report'.
  3. Search the farmer's mobile number. 
  4. Copy the link where the message reads "Click here to DOWNLOAD & LOGIN:..."

e.g. https://za-zerorated-journey.mezzanineware.com/static/dims/?0001234567891011121314

4.How to add a role to an employee?
5.Farmers are not able to receive delivery sms's despite the delivery uploaded.

Sometimes the morning deliveries are only received in the afternoon and if the afternoon ones are delivered the morning ones will be missing. 
This is not a fault but a configuration. The system is configured to start sending delivery messages @ 20:00 Zambian time.