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  • Formatting was changed.
  • Fix for the bug that resulted in the copyright sign being displayed as "??" on the home page when using the minified and aggregated version of the javascript for the web app.
  • An app instance that has been "released" will now use the default outbound SMS routes for SMS messages unless routes have been configured specifically for the app instance.
  • Fix for HEL-18 - When an enum is displayed using an info node, the enum's value is displayed directly and the lang file is not used.
  • Columns in data tables that contain ENUM values will now display the "translated" versions of the enum values if translations for the associated ENUM types are provided.
  • Fix for HEL-15 - Select widget and Data Table widget needs to cache their sources in the view scope in order to avoid situations where postbacks don't work because collection source functions return different results.
  • Fix for HEL-21 - Jasper report parameter factories not included by compiler.
  • Fix for HEL-17 - The REST api does not accept empty date attributes.
  • Fix for a bug that resulted in DSL code executing against compiled app instances for which schemas didn't exist in edge cases where the specific app instances were first compiled as part of a transaction that executed DSL code that resulted in null pointer or other runtime exceptions.
  • Fix for a bug that resulted in logical "and" as well as logical "or" statements evaluating all conditions in the statements regardless of whether earlier statements already determined the outcome of the "and" or "or" statement.
  • New enrolment process only requires a users mobile number & password Image Modified

  • Application selection now allows manual downloading & synchronisation Image Modified

  • Application selection allows for users with multiple roles Image Modified

  • Corruption of application databases is reduced by using a reset sync when network & server side errors are detected Image Modified

  • Corrupt databases are marked on the application selection as needing to be reset (the role button turns green and can only be used if the network is available) Image Modified

  • DSL Functionality now runs on a background thread so that long operations won’t cause “Application Not Responding” errors Image Modified

  • The application will check the Play Store (if the network is available) periodically to see if a new version is available, if so the user will be directed to the Play Store application Image Modified

  • Server URL are now automatically selected based on the country the SIM card is registered in Image Modified

  • Application instances are sorted so that the most recent versions appear first on the screen  Image Modified

  • Android client communicates with the Helium 1.1 specific web interfaces Image Modified
  • More than one user can be registered on the device without uninstalling Image Modified
  • Fix for a bug that resulted in users seeing a "A password must be specified" message on Chrome when the browser auto-completed the user name and password.
  • Workaround for a potential Glassfish bug that resulted in scheduled function running out of connections when more than 250 SMS messages were sent during a single invocation of the scheduled function.
  • Improved design for asynchronous task handling that optimises the performance of tasks that sends last numbers of SMS and/or email messages by reducing the load on the JMS transactional manager through composite task JMS messages.