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For developers

  • Improved consistency when attempting conversions between types, especially when converting string values to integer or decimal values.  All type conversions will now return NULL for values that aren't convertible.  It is therefore easy to check if a value can be converted by checking if a non-NULL value turns into a NULL value after conversion.
  • Ability to invite users to applications using builtin functions from the DSL as an alternative to using invite widgets in views.  Refer to the invite builtin function in the DSL Reference.
  • Disable rendering of specific formats for Jasper reports on a per-report basis by populating the hiddenFormats array in the report's report.json file with any combination of HTML, XLSX and PDF.
  • Obtain a reference to the collection of filtered items after a user has added search criteria to a data table.  Refer to the filterDestination binding for data table widgets in the View Reference.
  • Select sub-sets of data by applying selectors to collection instances.  Refer to the select builtin function in the DSL Reference.
  • Determine the type of Helium environment, Server or Mobile, that the user is accessing the app from.  Refer to the Helium:platform() builtin function in the DSL Reference.
  • Easily identify the latest instances of sandboxed Android applications during development by looking at the deployment timestamps.

Bug fixes



BETA Deployment2014-10-21
Live Deployment2014-10-30