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Maintenance & Improvements

Functional Requirements

  • HE-7359
    • A unit testing framework in Helium allowing DSL developers to write logic or persistence unit tests inside their applications.
  • HE-7900
    • A console message is logged in the browser console stating which view has successfully been loaded in order to support troubleshooting.
  • HE-8024
    • A mobile terminating SMS driver making use of the new Digital SDP platform.

Bug Fixes

  • HE-7885
    • Fixed an issue whereby outbound API calls did not timeout at the default value of 12 seconds.
  • HE-7875
    • Fixed the default behaviour for API calls to app config when no app specific timeout value has been set for outbound API.
  • HE-7850
    • Fixed a caching issue that resulted in a large amount of calls made to the app_outbound_api_credentials table.


BETA Deployment2020-10-01
Production Deployment2020-10-08 22:00 CAT