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Functional Requirements

  • HE-5809 Improve message for manual payment status
    • When a payment transitions to the "Manual" state, the message available to developers and thus end-users will now show the response code and message detail as received from the mPesa gateway.
  • HE-5686 Implement CAPTCHA for registration and password reset pages
    • As a general security improvement and to avoid automated attacks that attempt to guess user credentials, the Helium web app now includes CAPTCHA on its password reset and signup pages. Using the latest version of the reCAPTCHA API by google no additional form elements are needed and as a result usability of the password reset and signup pages are not affected as is typically the case with traditional CAPTCHA implementations.

Although already deployed to production, please also take note of the features that were deployed outside of the normal deployment schedule as part of Helium 1.19.2:

Maintenance & Bug Fixes

BETA Deployment2019-02-07
Production Deployment
2019-02-14 22:00 CAT