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As of Helium 1.46, the normal button, submit button, and view action buttons support appearance bindings. These can be used to programatically alter the appearance of buttons beyond the default appearance.

Code Block
titleView XML
<submit label="button.label.perform_action" action="performAction">
  <appearance function="submitButtonAppearancebuttonAppearance"/>

Code Block
button.label.perform_action=Perform action

Code Block
DSL_APPEARANCE submitButtonAppearancebuttonAppearance() {

	// Preference to disabled appearance 
    if(disableButton()) {
		return DSL_APPEARANCE.Disable;
	else if(highlightButton()) {
		return DSL_APPEARANCE.Highlight;

	// returning null here implies default appearance
	// equivalent to return DSL_APPEARANCE.Default
	return null;

titleHighlighted Button & submit button appearance

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titleDisabled button View action appearance

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