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Table of Contents

Client Information

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Project Information

General Information



Connected Farmer Seasonal

Deployment Country

Kenya / Tanzania


CF Seasonal Brochure.pdf

Technical Information

Technical Information


Journey Application


App details

Zero Rated

 Support Levels and Roles

First Line Support

1st Line Support Contact Details

The clients technical person.


When do I contact My First Line Support

Follow this link for details on your support lines Support Procedures and Levels


2nd Line Support Contact:

Contact Details
Client InformationClient ServiceList is on the link to the right/wiki/spaces/MSFC/overview

Temporarily_Mezzanine Responsibility

Client Service

Kenneth Kenei

Ryan Mudibo

Stephen Kinuthia



Issues Handled by Second Line SupportAll faulty device and Sim related issues (Also explained on  Support Procedures and Levels)

Third Line Support Contact:

Third Line Support Information
When do the Third Line get involvedAll unresolved issues will be escalated to the 3rd Line support to assist 1st and 2nd Line Support Further
3rd Line Support Contact Details

Mezzanine Support Desk

Tel: 021 880 2222

Email: 254 757 980067


Frequently Asked Questions

Webportal FAQ's

1.How do I log unto the Web PortalWeb Portal login.pdf
2.How do I reset My password

Open this document for Picture illustrations on How to reset a password on Helium.pdf

  • Step 1: Go to the web log in page
  • Step 2: Tap on "Can't access your account?"
  • Step 3: Type your mobile number starting with "27xxxx"
  • Step 4: Tap on "Reset password"
  • Step 5: Receive an sms on your phone
  • Step 6: Go back to  the desktop fill in your mobile number and the new password you have received via sms
  • Step 7: Tap on "Sign in"
  • Step 8: You will be redirected to your profile to change your password to something familiar for future log in.

I want to add a farmer number in the farmers details so that we could have a back up phone number in case the first

one has reached it's Mpesa payment limit. But the problem is, this added number is not recognised. Even if I try to search

for that particular person by using the added number, the farmer will not be found and when I try to make a payment using

the added number, I am told "the farmer number is not found please register the farmer". 

When I view this particular farmers details, the additional phone number is available in this farmer details dashboard. 

The next of keen number is not used for payments, it's only used for notifications that is authorised just in case

the farmer is not able to access their number.

Also the next of keen number is used for reaching out to the farmer in case his or her number is off. 

Mpesa Payments FAQ's




If paid using MPESA, between the company and the farmer who will be charged the withdrawal charges? 

The farmer will be charged the standard MPESA withdrawal charges. 


How long will the payment take from the point of delivery at the buying center through the MPESA platform? 

Payment will happen between 0 – 10 minutes after transaction. In case you don’t receive payment in that time, call or go to the buyer who bought your crops.

Can a farmer use a non Safaricom line? 

No, the service is only available for Safaricom customers 


In case there is a system delay, or poor network, what is the escalation process for the farmer? 

In case the farmer does not receive any communication or MPESA payment, call the buyer/Milk Grader who bought your crop. The buyer will then follow up with the relevant office on the cause of the delay. 


What if I have not received any SMS communication, e-receipt or MPESA payment in my phone? 

If a farmer does not receive any message, first confirm that there is mobile network at the location they are in. If there is no network, should they move to a network area they will receive the messages. In the event that there is network and they have not received any message, they should check their message inbox to see if it is full with messages. If this is the case, the farmer can delete a few of the messages to create space in the inbox. Once this is done the farmer will receive the messages. However, if this is not the case, the farmer needs to confirm the details, including mobile number provided. 

Mobile Applications FAQ's




How to install the application and enroll your device

  1. You will receive a SMS with a URL link.
  2. Please make sure you have the best possible internet connection to install the application. Wifi is ideal.
  3. Open messages, click on the URL link in the SMS, and select ‘Open link'. Select "Internet" or "Chrome"
  4. That will redirect you to a screen like the one on the right.
  5. Follow Step 1 to download the app by tapping on the blue button. (#1 screenshot)
  6. Monitor the status of the download to ensure it completes successfully - watch the notification bar for progress. (#2 screenshot)
  7. Swipe down on the screen to open notification bar. Wait for the download to complete. Then click on the item that has just been downloaded to open the link.
  8. Allowing an installation from ‘Unknown sources’.
  9. You might receive a warning that the installation is blocked because the application does not originate from the Play Store. Just click on Settings.
  10. Then find the “Unknown Sources” option and select that.Agree to Unknown sources by selecting ‘OK’.
    1. This will allow an installation from ‘Unknown sources’.
  11. You will see a check mark now appears next to the option in your Security Settings menu.
  12. The download and installation will continue.
  13. Allow access to all required functionality on the device: Just keep pressing Next until the Install option appears in the bottom right-hand corner. Then click on that Install option.
  14. The application will now install.
  15. Once the App has installed, go back to the Internet / Chrome page in #1 screenshot.
  16. Click on step 2 in screenshot #1: "Enroll Device"
  17. The application will open with your personal enrollment details.

How to monitor and force synchronization 

  1. From your device home screen navigate to your application.
  2. In the top right hand corner of the screen click on the two arrows that form a circle.
  3. The sync arrows will turn while it is syncing.
  4. It will turn green momentarily when syncing completed successfully.
  5. When the sync is not successful the sync arrows will stop without turning green.

How to clear application data on the device

  1. Navigate to “Settings”

  2. Scroll down and click on “Application manager”

  3. Now scroll down until you find your application

  4. Once found Click on the application

  5. At the bottom click on “Clear data” and wait 10 seconds

  6. Now you can exit the “Application manager”, re-open your application and login

  7. Now you need to re-enrol your device, please send an email to or to receive your enrolment link.

How do I work with a Smart Phone

Please go navigate to the link below:

Mobile Device Related Support


 Do farmers need to buy the smartphones to enjoy the services of the platform? 

No. Farmers can enjoy the platform services using the phones they have which can also be as basic as the ‘mulika mwizi’. For older phone, please remember to make space in your SMS inbox to receive new SMS's.

Does the farmer get charged to receive sms? 

No, the Agribusiness where the farmer is registered will pay for all outgoing SMS to farmers. It is called Reverse Billing

The Receipts dates are wrong on Helium (either future dated or past dated)

Future date on Receipt

 This is not applications date nor it is server date, receipt date is coming from user's mobile settings. The user (Eg. Hanna Wairimu) had 2018-05-10 on 2018-04-10, this why we implemented Server Sync Date for any calculations other actions in system. So this is not a problem but it was just user settings which se eventually fixed it by looking at screenshot bellow

Kenya nut Receipt Receipt.png