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Table of Contents

Project Information

Support Contact Details for SVS_HIV Prevention


SVS HIV Prevention

Deployment Country

South Africa

Training Manual

Technical Information

Technical Information



Journey Application


APK Link

HIV SVS Short-linkhttp

App details

Zero Rated

Devices Used

Samsung Android

First Line support



Contact Details


Provincial Co-Ordinator


Second Line support

 Vodacom (SA & Tanzania)

Third Line Support Contact Details


Frequent Ask Questions

Mobile Application FAQ's

1.Why is the "Scan Barcode" option not working when scanning the barcode on the box?You are only doing Record Stock Levels, the Barcode scanning won't work as there were not real barcodes loaded. 
2.I have received 900 000 units (150 boxes) of male condoms this week, when I'am trying to update the app state that STOCK LEVEL must be equal or smaller than 500 000.  Why is this happening? 

The item description for the condoms is per 6000 units. This means you should only enter the number of cartons (boxes of 6000) that you have in the PDS. You should therefore be capturing 150 as your stock on hand.

For the female condoms and lubricants (for all items really) please check the item description to know the unit of measure you need to update as your stock on hand.