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Procedure objectives

1.Mezzanine is dedicated to a long term relationship with our clients through quality care.
2.To put clients back on the network as soon as possible.
3.For clients to understand what the warranties and guarantees are in terms of the devices issued to the client.
4.Warranties and Guarantees explained from all supplier in terms of repairs, Out of Box Failure and Physical damage.
5.Clients to have a better understanding in how the procedure works.

Device warranty

No.Warranty Information

Warranty terms and conditions are manufacturer specific. Please see Device Warranty Agreement pdf linked.

Click on link to access 'Device Warranty Agreement': Device Warranty Agreement

2.The user guide information is contained within the product packaging. Kindly refer to the manufacturer's user guide additional information. It is advisable to keep this guide in a safe place.
3.Please refer to the Consumer Information leaflet for additional device support information.

Device warranty agreement

Handset (excluding iPhone) / data cards / modems


Contract Terms and Conditions

1.The warranty from date of purchase lies with the relevant handset manufacturers for the duration of the implied warranty period between 12 and 24 months and may vary from on manufacturer to the next (ref Device Warranty Agreement pdf at the top of this page).
2.An "Out-Of-Box Failure" (OBF) defined as a new handset/data card/modem that us found to be technically faulty within 7 (seven) days of purchase.
3.The OBF requirements are defined by the applicable manufacturers. Vodacom will operate in accordance with such requirements and specifications for devices originally purchased through the Vodacom (Pty) Ltd warehouse (ref OBF Assessment pdf at the of this page).
4.Kindly refer to your Manufacturer User Guide for additional information. It is advisable to keep this guide in a safe place.
5.Please note: Terminology used to refer to Out Of Box Failure may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (e.g. DAP - Defective after purchase).
6.Should a device not meet the OBF criteria and is in the range of devices that Vodacom Repairs are authorized to repair, the standard repair process will apply in terms of resolving the reported fault. (ref OBF pdf at the top of this page).

OBF Terms and Conditions

1.Items must be returned within 7 (seven) calander days from date of purchase on the official invoice (proof of purchase).
2.Original invoice (proof of purchase) as received at point of sale does not have to be produced.
3.All handsets must be assessed by a Vodacom Repair Technician for any faults reported by the client before being exchanged. This assessment may take up to 5 calander working days.
4.Devices that meet the OBF criteria but are faulty due to software issues (incorrect version of software) and that can be resolved by way of a software upgrade; are not considered OBF at this stage in the OBF resolution process.
5.The original contents of the "box", (handset, original battery, original charger, original atenna, manual and any other accessories) must be complete and packging intact/in good condition.
6.The IMEI number on the box must match the IMEI number on the device.

Physical damage - All devices

There must be no physical damage on the product or it's accessories or any signs of neglect due to physical abuse, liquid damage, screen scratches, dents or marks.

Note: Physical damage (including seemingly trivial surface scratches, marks ets.) could result in an OBF claim being rejected. In the evenr that you experience a problem with your new device, you are encourege to return it to the outlet as soon as possible to  reduce the risk of an OBF rejection due to physical damage. Please ensure that you read through and understand these terms and conditions pertaining to Vodacom NEXT DAY DELIVERY service. These terms and conditions booklet ("Contract Terms & Conditions") as specifically incorporated therein and shall not be deemed to be a variation of, or a novation of the Contract Terms & Conditions.

Simswap Procedure

Post Paid Phones

NOTE: There will be a cost involved to be paid by the client – Either R63 (64K Replacement sim) or R105 (Micro/Nano sim), in keeping with the current sales decisions of Vodacom.

1.Client to go to any Vodacom outlet or contact support Stellenbosch.
2.Vodacom Store to contact Red Flag Contact on M2 System (office Executive/Financial Manager from Mezzanine).
3.Update will be done on asset register by Office Executive who is based in Midrand.

Lost/Stolen devices

Mezzanine to include procedure into contract, explaining the options.


Immediately have the simcard blocked by phoning 082 111. Durinng this process you need to supply Vodacom with an alternative cellphone number to use for communication.

They will SMS you ab ITC reference number.

2.Use this ITC number to open a case at your local police station
3.Contact the Mezzanine Support Desk/Midrand Office Executive to report the incident via email or telephone.
4.Asset register to be updated by Midrand Office Executive.
5.Client may have the devices insured through the business or Vodacom (082 1952) refer to Insurance Application at the top of the page.

Should the client, choose to, they may purchase extra devices as back up (which will be sent to the person of contact, as Mezzanine does not hold any devices on site).

Mezzanine will not be held responsible for any lost/stolen devices.

Repair process

1.Person of contact to contact support/Midrand to log the problem.
2.All devices issued to clients whether pre/postpaid have a 2 year warranty with Vodacom (ref Devices Warranty Agreement at the top of this page).
3.The warranty covers the software and hardware (if the device was dropped and has scratch marks, scuff marks or cracked screen, the warranty will fall away, and it will be at the cost to the client to have the device repaired (ref to Device Warranty Agreement at the top of this page).
4.Client may take the device to a Vodacom repair centre. Alternatively the client may book the device in, at a Vodacom repair store.
5.No proof of purchase is required as the system will pick up all details required.
6.The device will be booked in and the repair process can take 7 -14 working days to be repaired/replaced (Replacement will be determined by Vodacom upon assessment of the device).
7.Asset register to be updated after the client has informaed Midrand Office Executive via email or telephone.

Device 24 month policy

No.Device policy
1.All devices issued to clients whether pre/postpaid have a 2 year warranty with Vodacom (ref to Device Warranty Agreement at the top of this page).
2.The warranty covers the software and hardware of the device.

Blacklisting a lost / stolen phone

How do I blacklist a lost or stolen cellphone?

In the case of a lost / stolen phone, the phone then needs to be blacklisted. Blacklisting prevents your cellphone from being used on any other network if it’s lost or stolen. Prevents your lost or stolen cellphone from making and receiving calls. Avoid being held accountable for a cellphone bill which was accumulated fraudulently.

PrepaidCall Vodacom Customer Care 082 111 free from a Vodacom cell phone; you will be transferred to a consultant who will then assist your further.
Mezzanine Account
  1. User contact the support desk or 021 880 2033 option 2 as they will need a ITC number before they can open the case with police.
  2. Support will then complete the blacklist request form.
  3. Form user details refer to Mezzanine’s details, users then also to provide the handset / device details.
  4. Upon completion of the form to
  5. Vodacom will revert with blacklist status and provide support with an ITC number that needs to be given to the user.
  6. The user can now go and open a case with the police.

Sim Swap 

When, How to do a sim swap and who do I report it to?

Sim swaps are normally done in the case of a lost or stolen phone where the sim card was taken with the phone. Now prepaid sim swap allows prepaid customers to swap their sim using a Vodacom prepaid starter pack. In 4 simple steps, keep the same cellphone number. Also listed below, is the Mezzanine accounts process.

  1. Buy a new Vodacom Starter Pack and insert the sim card into your cellphone (This can be done at any Vodacom outlet.)
  2. Dial 100 (a free call)
  3. Select option 2 and a Customer Care consultant will help you to get you back in touch.
  4. An SMS will be sent to your cellphone to confirm that your sim swap was successful.

The only cost to keep your number is a new Vodacom Prepaid Starter Pack!

For more information:

  • Call Vodacom customer care on 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone, or
  • Dial 082 111 from any other phone.
Mezzanine Accounts
  1. User needs to go to any Vodacom outlet and buy a replacement sim card (this is not a normal sim card).
  2. Once user has the card, user needs to contact the support desk or 021 880 2033 option 2.
  3. User needs to provide support with the new card number as well as the old card number (this is the physical card number and not the cell number however the user can provide the old sim card’s phone number together with the new sim card’s physical number).
  4. Support will sent sim swap request through to and provide them with the sim card details.
  5. Vodacom will then revert and update support once sim swap has been completed.
(warning) Please note! Upon completion it might take up to 48 hours for the sim card to be active.

Device Acceptance Document

  1. Mezzanine - Acceptance of Devices - Aug 2015 - v3.docx is an example document that summaries the
    1. Processes (for device repair or replacement requirements) and
    2. Responsibilities (on individual device users).
  2. This document should be signed by end users when taking delivery of devices during a deployment session.

Signal coverage challenges :

  • Visit this link:
  • You will need a physical address for the facility, in order for you to check.
  • Select the following page: Coverage.
  • You will need the physical address of the facility to utilise that link.
  • You will select these blocks:

      GPRS  - Blue

      EDGE - Green

      3G - Red

      LTE  - Purple

  • And then click on "Show my Location".
  • My location will be pin pointed with the little red Vodacom logo.
  • At the same time you will see the different colours as selected above will be filtered in on the map to show what coverage the facility has.
  • Even though the facility does not have 3G, they could potentially still communicate via Edge or GPRS. This means there might be a connection, even though it will not be very fast.
  • Should it be that there is no coverage at all, a call needs to be logged with Vodacom data support (082155).
    • Also log a request with Lizle Roberts from the Mezzanine Midrand office.
    • This process can take a while as someone needs to be sent out to the location for testing and, if needs be, a booster needs to be installed.